Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year (Part 2)

CNY week was filled with gathering and yum-cha with friends and coursemates, house visits to boss's house and also hang out at Kin Fai's friends' house till 3-4am. But it's the best and most fun filled CNY celebration.

On 17-Feb, after reunion night dinner, I went out for a movie with Kin Fai's friends and it was a shocking huge group of ppl. We bought a total of 30 movie tickets and we took the entire two full rows. I was being introduced to a bunch of strangers, some I really cant recall their name soon after they mumble it out. But after a few sleepless nights of hangouts and cardgames with them, I could digest some of his closer friends' names....erm, I think I could score 90% correctly with the names. Some are really nice bachelors, I'd even pick out some really nice candidates for my friend(s).

Gathering with USM coursemates
Greentown Kopitiam, 19-Feb

Choy Yee (the chatter), Kwai Leng, me, Pui Kuan and Pui Yee(also a wire bond engineer but is working at Carsem >_<).

Ming Hing, the guy in the blue checkered shirt.

Ming Hing is the only guy who always hang out with us girls. He always wanted a nice sweet gf. Went through a few failures in trying to get one during uni years. I used to gave him alot useful(and sometimes kinda lame) befriender advises before(which apparently didn't work out). But few years later, after his long quest, finally he is attached with some girl!!!! And much to the horror...I mean suprise, his gf is my schoolmate!!!!!!! who sat behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a small world after's a small word after all......

Steamboat dinner with RPS old friends
Good Time Restaurant, 19-Feb

Instead of 'lou sang', we had steamboat instead. Which carries the same meaning(almost...coz we'd to mix everything together), only that we didnt lou it high high.

I always love having steamboat. So much food ^__^

Pek Mun, Lee Voon, Kit Yen (all the way from Germany), me and Yokie at the back.

The red babes. Hehe~~

Gathering with girlfriends
HALO cafe, 20-Feb

Me with best friend, Debbie. I likey the handphone talking pose. keke..

Cheng May, the pretty mom with handsome baby Max.

From left : Cheng May (with baby Max), me, Mangchew (he IS our girlfriend), Deb, Yokie and Lai Han. Look closely at May, she's using her fingers to force poor baby Max to smile.

And after the gathering, I went over to Deb's house. Really miss the sleep over at her place. We chatted till 4am. For consecutively 3 days, I slept at 4am. >__<

Gathering with the gals again
Ice Ice Baby, 23-Feb

From left : Nai Nai, Yokie, Yen, Lee Wah and me.

Me and sexy Nai. Finally, she came back to Ipoh and get to join the last gathering before everyone go back to their working state/country.

My dear Kin Fai don't like to smile in pictures. Thanks to Cheng May, now I'd got remedy to make him smile.....hehe.

One thing I missed the most was, I didnt get to see or hear any fire crackers or fire works. I could only hear some distant pops. Sigh....

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