Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pre-CNY shopping

I'm a lazy blogger. I know I am.
I havent been blogging for some time. Sigh....since I don't have much reader, so I don't think anyone will miss me. T_T
Anyway, I'd been MIA due to a few reason. First of all, I was drooling almost everyday over him......

Aint he handsome and cool???
I think he has the potential to become the next Gallen Lo of TVB. <3<3<3
I'd been watching this drama every hour that I have, after work, when I don't have dates, and I'm even watching the drama when I'm blogging this.
Nowaday, it's a trend for everyone to watch Korean drama religiously(after the sinking of Japan drama), all the young girls, young women and even aunties. Even two of my best friends are avid Korean drama worshipper. But I'm still a loyal Hong Kong drama fans.

And for pre-CNY preparation. Of course, shopping at KL. I'd started some pre-pre-CNY shopping at Ipoh but Yokie has been pestering me to go shopping at KL with her because she need to revamp her wardrobe. As for me, I keep telling myself not to overspend this time because I proclaimed 2007 to be my Budget Year and must must must watch out my own expenditure. But....I went to KL nonetheless and had a great time.

It was certainly a compact and quality shopping trip. We went to Ikea (lots of things to see and touch at Ikea, but I only bought 4 book stands and Yokie bought a tea tray for her mom). Then we had some nice teppanyaki lunch at Ikano. Ikano has more shops and stalls. Me and Yokie managed to get something from there.

Then we went over to One Utama....which is a wrong choice but just to stroll around and kill the time before dinner. We couldn't buy even a pair of cheap earring or any accessory there. Everything is too posh and even the cheap things are too expensive. But I insisted to go to One U all because of Chilis. Kin Fai never stop telling me how good the food was....die die also I must try although it's a bit expensive but nevermind lar, travel must eat good play good.

I wonder why they name the restaurant Chillis. None of their dishes has any chilli or spicy ingredient. But their food certainly was super delicious....definately worth the bucks.

The Curve.

After dinner we went over to The Curve. I really like the night market and those stalls selling cheap clothes and accessories at The Curve. But too bad that we went there a tad too late and most of the stall were closing down. Clothes were cheap but it's a drawback that we can't try the clothes. Funny thing is, if we insist to try on the clothes, we have try it in the toilet. But eventually, each of us got something from The Curve and Yokie got herself something very expensive but beautiful. I was suprised that Yokie could spend alot on something she really like. And all this time everyone misunderstood that she's a thrifty person. But of course, her spending habit is not to the extend like Debbie or me. LOLed.

Four of us at The Curve.
Love this picture with the pinkish flower blossom but the blue construction canvas really spoilt the feel. -_-

On the second day, there were more shopping at Taipan area and Summit Plaza. We were running from one boutique to the other and the exciting thing is everytime we hop to another boutique, we could find something exactly what we saw before and it's cheaper. And Debbie always has this bad luck of buying something and then saw the exact same clothe at some other place 50% cheaper. Me, Debbie and Yokie were looking everywhere for sundress. Suddenly the sundress craze hit all of us. This sundress frenzy hit me when I was at Ipoh and I couldn't find any nice dress here. My wardrobe is already well pack with all my favourite styles and the one kind of clothing that I don't have is this sundress. Not the classy gown kinda dress but very simple and sweet kinda dress.....where we could wear for any casual days and especially good looking when travelling.

I am all well prepare to welcome the New Year. ^_^
And I got myself 5 cute sundress. I really like sundresses more and more. It's so simple yet pretty.

Sigh....but I told myself many many don't overspend. Nevermind, I swore to myself I'll never never ever walk into any boutique here in Ipoh for the rest of year 2007. Erm....maybe for the next 6 months lar. But this time it's really quality shopping because I really like what I bought. Yayyyyy~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not many picture with me now....most of the pictures were with Kin Fai and Yokie's camera. Since everyone got their own high pixel camera now, I seldom snap photos with my 3.2mp Camedia anymore (unless I'm going on my own, like the Hong Kong trip). And also ever since I got the 2.0mp SE W700i cameraphone, most of the pictures were taken instantly by the phone. It was really too convenient to have a good pixel cameraphone.

Sleep lar.....sleepy ady......>_<


  1. ok.
    Now I know how the sundress you girls bought looks like...
    Yokie told me each one of you bought one sundress each......same here too...
    I know its winter here in US, but then that is when the summer clothes really go on sale..

  2. yay..u finally blogged ;)
    Wah shopping in KL so nice hor..
    Your dresses look nice, I like sundresses too :)

  3. Yeah,indeed the greatest trip we had so far. The bag I bought is rather expensive also lar .. but worth it geh .. ^_^ .. I like it so much and couldnt believed that I actually bought it. hahaha .. should be all of you are "supporting" me at that time ... hehe .. I can be extreme over sth ... so .. bad ... wait for my entry after CNY .. need to post my bag in the entry too .. hehe ...

  4. wah...i must go shopping this weekend...have been very lazy few weekends ago...

    ya, i saw many shops selling sundress..i guess it's a trend now.

    long time u din blog geh? went somewhere?

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