Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm going to get a doggie

I don't care what my parents said. I don't care if my bf don't like dogs. I don't care if the whole world thinks I'm not capable of taking care of any living things. I am sooooo going to get a girl's best friend (not diamond, u dumb), a dog of my own.

I guess, it won't be too hard taking care of a dog....right? How difficult could it be?? I mean, you just feed her, or even milk her, walk her around, then give her plenty of love. Right??? Well, ok..I know this will not be an easy task, and me being born with not so much motherly love but I want to give it a try. I AM an animal lover. How can I go through life without the dog-caring+loving phase? I don't know about other ppl who can't even go near any furry animals(well, you know who you are, tsk tsk) but they don't know what they'll miss and how much the furkids can spice up our life. But some ppl like Ooi Kin Fai just couldn't understand the special kind of love between human and animals. It's just like how I don't understand how someone could be so obsess with an English football club.

Me with Pong. She make me realize that I must get my own doggie. I have so much dog love inside me. >__<

Last week I went petshop hopping to hunt for a dog. I found one really uber adorable toy shih-tzu...but just the dog RM700. I still need to get a cage, a bowl, water dispenser or bottle kinda thing, food etc etc. Shih-Tzu are too common breed. Almost everyone is carrying one. So I try to look for some other breed. Then I saw Yorkshire Terrier....too cute to be true!! But very yappy and hyper active. One funny thing, a common short name for Yorkshire Terrier is Yorkie. Hmm....that sound so familiar. I think I heard that name somewhere before....HAHAHAHA. Sigh, I went home empty handed. I kept thinking of the super small size toy shih-tzu but it's a tad too expensive, considering that this year is my Low Budget Year. >_<

By fate, when I told my colleague how much I wanted a dog, he told me his friend's dog just had 6 pups and he wants to give them away to good homes. And we arranged to meet the pups. And so just now, together with NaiNai, I went all the way to Kg.Tawas to meet the pups.

Guess which one I picked?
I picked out the browniest female pup. She got the darkest face of all the pups. And also the fattest.

Little browny is frowning, 'Please put me down'.

Frustated with all the meddling but she greeted me with her little tongue. *aaawwwww*

And I'm going to name the brownie NICI. NaiNai said it's not a cute name. She said I should name the pup something like PomPom, LuLu, FuFu, TuTu....-_- so uncreative lar. I'm still gonna stick with Nici. It's a special name for me and Kin Fai.
Now Nici is still with her mom because she is just 2 weeks old and too young to leave her mom. She still can't yap or walk, just crawling around and sleep all the time, like human babies. So darn, super, uber cute Nici. I'm going to bring Nici home in another 2 weeks. I still havent tell my parents about this. When I hinted to them before this, seems like not much consentient from them. With or without their consent, I am sooooo going to bring Nici home. I'm sure Nici has her special power to make everyone fall in love with her.


  1. cute lar nici .. pls dun ask her to bite me when i go to your house. And remember to cage her (although i also pity her, but i more pity if you dun, i might screams like hell and frightens her) .. hahaha ...

  2. your doggie very cute lar ;)

  3. Cute doggie... What breed is the dog? I afraid that it will grow into a big dog...
    btw, puppy won't bite ppl unless it starts grow teeth time..then, have to buy chewy toys for it..

  4. Nici wont grow very big geh. She'll be a house pet. Dad is a shih-tzu. Mom is also a small size dog.

    Cant wait to bring him home.

  5. Hihi.. tis is Chun Yng ler... Surprised! Surprised! I do read ur blog and the rest...

    A very interesting entry here, so I WANT to leave some comments lar.. I LOVE FURKIDS! I enjoy their company as much as they enjoy mine.. ^_^ My bf has a shih tzu and a miniature schnauzer. Both adopted.

    Now, I want to share wif u dat to own a furkid is alot works. U gotta train them(best if u can send them for obedient training), paper training(so they can pee & poo on the pee-tray/paper), bring them for qtrly/yrly jabs, send for grooming, make sure ticks and fleas stay far far away frm them, bathe them(pls do nt let water go into their ears), feed them(take note of types of foods they shd avoid), provide shelter(pls do nt cage them, this is very cruel), clean-up their mess(pee & poo), play with them, bring them out for walks and the lists goes on..

    I'd say, it's expensive to own a dog, bt it's worth it if u really love them and treat them as ur own child..hehe

    Try to read up more on ur pup's breed, u'll understand and knows how to take care of them better..

    U might want to visit tis site

    Good Luck!