Friday, March 16, 2007

Welcome home Nici

Finally, I got my own puppy, a new member in our house. Nici....she's just so darn adorable. I took her home on 14/March, one month after her birthday on 14/Feb. I went to Kg.Tawas with Nai Nai and it was a rainy night, eagerly, anxiously and guiltly because I'm taking away Nici from her mom.
The first night for me and Nici was difficult. My parents did not know that I smuggled a puppy into the house and hide her in my room. She was so good and quiet and slept most of the time. But she woke up every 2 and 3 hours and pee in my room. -_- Everytime she yelped, I woke up and see what happen to her. What a sleepless night I had.....but I'm smart enough to take the next day off. And because of Nici, I was soooooo tire but thanks to Nai Nai who was there to help me and she even bought her a small cozy carrier cage.

Nici, you are soooooo cute.

She's sleeping with my old towel.

And she slept.

And slept....

And slept....

Lazy Nici, she can sleep anytime, any place, any position.

Everyone loves Nici.

Even my parents. They adore her very much. ^______________^


  1. Cutie little dog, indeed. :D No dogkuteh with it k. Hehe...

  2. Have you get used to staying with her? Must be lots of joy. =)) Nici is very tiny :) Wonder how big will she be, when she gets older?

  3. Cute nici...Is it a girl? Hehe.. Quite lazy wor, sleeping is her past time... :)