Friday, March 23, 2007

Things that I don't like

While chatting with Yokie, I just realize that she has sooooooooooooo many things that she dislikes. A bit fussy kinda person and has a lot of weird restrictions and rules. Then I thought it'll be interesting if we blog out the stupid things that we really despise but yet it seems perfectly normal and generally accepted by everyone else.

  1. Peas and beans. I hate hate hate....ultimately hate eating peas and beans, especially green peans, red beans, soy beans. I just don't understand why you all have to put those yucky little tasteless things when you fried rice or on top of pizzas. But.....I can take food(or drink) processed from peans and beans such as soy milk, taufu, kacang putih(anytime!!).
  2. I don't like to spend time putting colors on my face. Some girls look gorgeous under a heavy layer of make-ups but I just don't have the patience and talent for face art. But I can draw well on papers. Hehe.
  3. I don't like to wear skirt. I know girls look good in skirt and in fact, girls should wear skirt. But I just don't.....and I don't know why.
  4. I don't like to bath early in the morning. And I don't understand why most ppl can stand the chillness of morning water. I rather bath before I go to sleep. How dirty can you get in your own bed?
  5. I don't like to work. And let alone working OT. I just hate my responsible self that force my body to work so hard and sometimes going home late. Working is NOT my life, just part of it and I don't want it to occupy my whole life. If possible, I don't want to work at all or early retirement at 40. HAHA....
  6. I don't like to go to work early. What for? I'll be going home late anyway. This co-relate back to #5..I don't like to work don't like to go to work early lar. Some of my colleague go to work an hour earlier....I really don't understand why. Edited to reply Yokie's comment : It's not common if you're on the top list of late-comers.
  7. I don't like to go out with my glasses, even for a short while. I just can't let others see me in my glasses.
  8. I don't like to drink beer, taste like vomit. It's the worst type of liquor and I don't understand why it's most popular and it's not the cheapest drink available. I prefer rum, tonic, tequila, whisky which are more sophisticated liquor drink.
Haiya, stop at #8 lar. I thought I can go till #10 but this is too difficult. I don't have as much restriction as Yokie. >__<


  1. I have so many restrictions .. yes .. hehe .. but your #6 is common, minus one.
    Your #4 ... you are dirty .. Nowadays, I cant let myself not bath in the morning, before work. Maybe it's more refreshing and I dun like to be like my coliq that smells his baby's smell .. :P
    ok lar ... need to sleep lar .. you should have longer list, i think .. :P

  2. hehe, I have some similarities of the kelly's dislikes. i don't bathe in the morning too becos it's too cold and i don't like beer too. I also don't like to go to work early becos my mind still blur in the morning. Apart from that, I don't wear make-up too unless if I'm attending functions.