Tuesday, March 06, 2007

50 things to do before I die

Perhaps I'll make a longer list. I have so much things that I wana do....more than just 50.

  1. Learn sign language
  2. Road trip from North to South Malaysia.
  3. Scuba dive and take beautiful pictures of the underwater world.
  4. Visit 30 different countries. (So far, I'd only been to Thailand, Hong Kong....only 2??? 28 to go)
  5. Get a dog.
  6. See the Northern Lights/Aurora borealis. To really be at that the place and see the beautiful sky and experience the wonders of nature.
  7. See sunset and sunrise. (This should easier to catch....compare to the Northern Light)
  8. Move out to KL and go beyond my comfort zone.
  9. Go to a play/live teather.
  10. Go to Jay Chou live concert.
  11. Climb a mountain. I think I'll start with Mt.Kinabalu.
  12. Try the original Bali style massage and spa at Bali, the country itself.

  13. Learn horse back riding
  14. Go to some sporting event. Football, basketball, F1...just any sporting events with a lots of ppl. I don't like any particular sport but just want to get the feel of it. Or perhaps join in a wave.
  15. Receive a ring and get married. hehe
  16. Do charity work.
  17. Have a small tattoo. Somewhere not that noticable.
  18. Taste caviar.
  19. To have my own house.
  20. To have my own business. Selling in ebay is consider my own business if it's making money.
  21. To experience back packing in Europe.
  22. Read 1000 books (seems impossible, and I'm not sure when I'll start)
  23. Watch 1000 movies (this is much much easier)
  24. Do volunteery work at SPCA.
  25. Make a piece of art and have it frame. Draw something, make something....
  26. To indulge more in arts and craft. I simply don't have any time for anymore art creation or art exchange. But I did enjoy it very much when I started to know about mail art. I'll release my creativity when I have my time more organize (I guess that'll be when I retire from work).
  27. To have a room of arts and crafts when I have my own house.
  28. Be a great cook. Both cooking and baking. Have my own collection of recipe.
  29. Grow a garden (when I have my own house).
  30. Feel snow. I mean real snow, not those artificial snow in Genting.
  31. Learn how to dance. At least some proper ballroom dance.
  32. Have my own studio shot album.(almost done.....almost...)
  33. Bungee jump. (This is the least that I want to do in my list but it's almost in everyone's to- do list. I don't want to miss something everyone else wanted to do. I just hope I wont die or faint during the jump.)
  34. Get on a ship cruise and enjoy everything they can offer.
  35. Keep in touch with all my best friends and will always find the time to hang out or even do some of the things listed here with them.
  36. Adopt a pet from shelter. (Not same with #5 lar, coz this have to really go to shelter place like SPCA and adopt a pet. Not just simply buy a dog from petshop. This is more noble. Hehe)
  37. Learn calligraphy.(and calligraphy art).
  38. Go to the Olympics.
  39. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy.

  40. Be in love. Stay in love.
  41. Complete the list before I die.
  42. Hot spring bath naked in Japan.

  43. Learn how to write and read Chinese.
  44. Learn to converse in another language (I have in mind are Japanese, Dutch and French).
  45. Complete a marathon/walkathon/jogathon/whatever it's call. Better if it's for charity.
  46. Indulge in fine dining. (and #18)
  47. Make my own mini library of books and DVDs/CDs.
  48. Buy a SLR digital camera and excel in photography.
  49. Ski. (by the time I achieve #30, I shall be doing this.hehe)
  50. Be a mother. (also the least thing that I want to do now....but I guess it's a blessing being a mother and by the time I turn 30, I might want to be one.)

Hmm, not easy trying to make this list. I try to think of something that I might actually do and achieve. I read some other list with really too-easy task such as be happy, learn to drive, quit current job...dadada... My 50-things-to-do-before-I-die list are mostly challenging task that will need much of my courage, patience and effort. Some I don't really want/dare to try like bungee jumping but what the heck, you only live once. If I really died of shock during the dive, then I might be feature in the news in papers and TV, and well, that's another big achievement. Hehe.


  1. alamak ... all these of cos easy to achieve lar .. wakakaka .. no lar .. joking .. all those pictures with a boy and/or a girl, are you imagining yourself and/or with your ooi ooi ..

  2. Wah thats a long list, but I think most of it is acheivable when you go for it.....I think I saw some repetition in your list...hehhehe..
    Anyway, if you wanna see snow and ski, come visit me, definitely snow here and a little ski slope which is near where I live....hehhe...save you on lodging. :P

    eh...get a dog and get a pet is a same thing right ???

  3. YP : Not easy to achieve at all lar. Some easier lar, like getting massage in Bali but bungee jump wor, I think I dare not (yet).

    LooLoo : Getting a dog and adopt a pet different ler. Or I see it differently. Hehe.

  4. wah..it's a very long and ambitious list...
    Some I don't even dared to do it...