Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How much love can money buy? Or....How much money can love buy?

Everyone stared enviously when R(my colleague, consider my breakfast buddies) got a new handphone as a gift from one of her guy friend. She told us the guy is not even officially her boyfriend. Well, rhetorically, she's trying to tell us that this guy friend of hers is giving her such expensive gift in order to pursue her love interest. I don't know what my other naive female colleagues think....but I assume they were too blinded with jealousy and envy on how lucky she was and she don't even know how to use much function of the phone other than answer and end call button. If they can do some maths and sum it up with reality bits, they should have realize that there's more than just an expensive gift in between a 46 years old married man and a divorcee. Complicated match and it's impossible that a 45 years old married man will spend thousands of bucks on some divorcee who's not interested in him. Any 45 years old man who splurge on another woman certainly will ask something more than just friendship and love.

My beautician, SS bought a new house. A double storey terrace house. Everyone was in awe. Young lady, has her own business and house. It's a big success for any woman. I couldn't ask anything more than that. Erm, perhaps a man who loves me like mad. And I'm sure SS could have any man she wants because she's such a sexy and beautiful lady. Anyhow, rumours comes to my ear that she's also with an older married man. Her business and house were all gifts from the older man. Well, perhaps that's not true since I don't really know SS personally.

And it so happen that R is tremendously popular with married man. There's another family man (also my colleague), which is also very very fond of R's petite beauty. So R is always being showered with big and small, cheap but creative and not-so-creative but expensive gifts from her older men. I try not to be too envious of her because I know the ugly truth behind all the flatteries. But if I put myself in her shoes, I really don't know how would I feel. Will I be too happy and flattered without realizing where the gifts and love come from? Or will I stand on my own ground and be firm with my principles?

I remember when I was 20 (which was 6 years ago, am feeling so ancient now), I refused to accept a Swatch watch from another guy who's just a friend (but wanted something else than just friendship). It was an embarassing moment when he gave me something I didnt ask for all in a sudden. There's nothing much I can do but be frank and tell him off. But honestly I would like to take the watch and then tell him off. And we didnt talk for years until he got a gf and the happy couple will be getting marry by the end of this year and cheesily, I'm invited. -_-

What a loser....ppl can accept handphone and even a house. There's so much more materialistic women out there who'd long forgetten their guilt and enjoying so much luxuries and I can't even take a RM200 watch????? Am I proud of myself or what?

But I'm nowhere near these clever ladies. Which is more impossible? To ask love or money from men? If you'd watch Sex and The City, then you'll understand what makes the woman they are today(go watch lar if you havent...you'll really understand and agree 1). Talking bout Sex and The City, I'm going to buy the last 3 seasons, saw it at some DVD store. I'm so drugged with this series but I don't know, watching SaTC, sometimes I feel silly and despise them and sometimes clever and proud of womanhood. Sadly, that is how twisted we (women) are.

I don't know what trigger me to write about this. But I remember that I started to draft this when Yokie told me how lucky her colleague was when her bf gave her a new handphone. Same thing with R when she got her new hphone. Everyone was like 'wah wah wah' and 'you so lucky lar'. And when my friend flaunted her expensive Valentine gift, we were 'wah wah wah' all over again. But do we want to love the lifeless material or the person who gave it to you?

But with this kinda world that we live in, it's all about material, money and lust. I still hope that not everyone is polluted. I hope.....

Women, I still have faith with you.


  1. Erm .. motivating huh .. :P

  2. Sorry ... previous comment is supposed to be for the next entry of your blog. Mistakenly added it here. Erm, good entry for this .. I also wonder why we cant be like those ladies that just grab gifts from those "pervert" man. sigh .. we are too straight jor .. One of my friend also get a hp for free during her bday .. so good and envy also .. sometimes i do think .. "Why I cant get all those showers? And am still single .. " so, what to do .. it's ourselves that determined this path .. you cant complaint .. :) Gambattene ..