Monday, March 12, 2007

One Night Stand

Casual, meaningless sex. And it's cheaper than prostitution because it don't cost anything. No string attach and it's free. Who's at fault? Asker or giver of the cheap sex?

Rum Jungle, Ipoh. Currently the hippiest pub in Perak.

One-night stand utterly is a common thing nowadays. Sadly but true, as common as going to the cinema. Men are hitting the pubs for bed-able women. Bitches are eyeing on married men. Well, ONSer believe it's their triumph if they fucked a married man/woman. I wonder what the participants of ONS(or the ppl that are so eager to try ONS) have in their feeble mind? Was it out of loneliness, lack of self-esteem, lost with themselves....that need some easy fuck to boost them back to one piece? Or was it just lust and nothing but lust? What is happening to sane humans and you all are acting like animals banging the opposite sex just for the heat of it.

Men, sometimes, I'm really disappointed with your spesies. I know it takes both men and women to close the ONS deal but it so happen that I know more guy friends who'd done it and 100% men will not say no to ONS. If the girl is hot and ready to spread her legs for him with no string attach, I can say ALL men will not refuse the offer.

I am too disgusted to write a long post about this. The more I think about this, the more confidence level will drop in my own relationship.


  1. Not all men are like that...Some are very faithful and loyal to their own wife, no matter how hard life they had to go through together... However this kind of man is very rare to find nowadays.

  2. 1st:I wanna tell you that i like your blog presentation.

    2nd:Please do not generalise man.Not all of them like ONS.I'm a man but can't do ONS.It's totally against my principle.

    Hope it will change your mind a bit :)