Monday, September 17, 2007

First Day in Chiang Mai

This took a whole month(ok, more than a month) to come out. Have been really busy traveling Ipoh-KL and settling down life without Fai in Ipoh.

Anyway, I'll talk about that's loaded with my Chiang Mai pictures.

Date : 30/July/2007 - 1/August/2007

Taking off. Total 3 hours flight.

Exhausted and hunger for Thai food.

Everyone was enjoying their first meal in Chiang Mai.

We checked in a small cozy 3 star hotel, just a walking distance from the world famous night bazaar. After cleaning up we still have plenty of time and the bazaar streets were still empty and so we went for some Thai massage. As a beginner, I tried a mild foot massage, which was more relaxing than pain, in fact, there's no pain at all. Shelley and the others (except Deb) had a long 1.5 hours massage. Shelley kept saying how good it was, tempting me(was tempted) to try but I couldn't care more, the night bazaar's stalls were setting up and the crowds was growing.

Subway sandwich in Chiang Mai for dinner.

Longest sandwich I'd seen.

How can you possibly finish that?

Mine is a humble regular size. Haha.
Fai once urged me to try Subway during one of our trip to KL, but it ended up that I had my first Subway in Chiang Mai.

The bazaar. Really really long streets and side streets and many more underground streets, all filled up with peddlers, stalls, handicrafts, people of all races.

On a tuk-tuk, heading to another Sunday night bazaar. Miraculously, the small tuk-tuk can hold all of 6 of us, but it was moving very slowly, though. Chan was actually sitting on the tuk-tuk's motor box.

Cam-whoring even in an over-packed tuk-tuk.

It seems like a never ending street. We did not reach the end but turned back halfway through because it started to drizzle.

Not much for the first night but we bought some little fans. :D


  1. hey..nice pics :)
    how did you all move around in Chiang Mai? With Tuk Tuk or bus?

    They have Subway sandwiches here also but I'm not a big fan of them actually...the size is too big also :)

  2. We usually travel around with Tuk Tuk because it's really cheap and breezy too. hehe.

    Subway sandwich are delicious!!! Gonna have more in KL.>_<