Monday, September 17, 2007

Second Day in ChiangMai

Second day was the most adventurous day. We booked a day trip that covers the Orchid Farm, Mae Tang Elephant Safari, Hill Tribe tour and at night was the splendid Simon's Show which turned out quite hilarious.

Orchid Farm

Me likey orchid <3

There's a small butterfly farm too but the foreign tourist told us that our Malaysia's Penang Butteryfly farm is much more beautiful. :)

Mae Tang Elephant Safari

One of the ellie was shitting while crossing the river.

Water rafting under hot glaring sun.
The ride was long...almost 30 minutes, cooking me under the sun and I got a real dark tan from this.....which I still has until now. Sheeshh...

Debbie, the rafter.
The bamboo raft was kinda rocky and not very secure, I don't even dare to move much once I sat on the small stool.

Fai kept scolding me not to move so much and not to drop my phone into the water full with ellie dung because he ain't going to buy me another one.

They even sell you drinks (even beers!) while you're rafting. Don't play play.

Ox-cart riding.

Pua busy with his camera, Deb with a confuse look, me with a stupid grin and Fai looking retard.

We rode on an ellie too but didn't capture any pictures because ellie ride is none better than roller coaster ride. After spending hours at Elephant Safari, we head off to one of the most popular hill tribe in Chiang Mai, the Karen long neck tribe. One really funny incident while one the way was we felt a sudden commotion from the van that we're boarding and we had to stop at once by the rocky roadside. At once I thought we had a flat tyre.

Apparently, it was not a flat tyre. The rocky road bump out the spare tyre from the van. LOL!!!

Long neck woman.

Long neck kid which look a bit annoyed with all the picture taking.

Long ear woman.
OMG! I am so tanned. All because of the stupid rafting. >_<

Lots of souvenirs from the tribe's handicraft but we didn't buy anything.

Simon's Show
Simon's Show was quite an eye opener for me. I get to see them a lot from forwarded emails, which I was skeptical of the email origin. But what I was about to see that night was......@_@

A real female.
who doesn't feel so inferior before watching the show.....

Did you see that? Look closely, below the sparkling necklace....

And Fai was molested by one of the lady.

The guys were a bit confused after the show. It's a bit difficult to see what is real and what is not anymore.

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