Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

I'm a little occupied lately (partly due to travelling Ipoh-KL), so I will not blog about my Chiang Mai trips yet because it will be hell loads of pictures.

So here's how I celebrated Malaysia's 50th birthday.

We(with KF's of friends) went to had Japanese buffet dinner (supper to be more precise) at Jogoya. There were 12 peoples (hungry giants) but I don't feel too hungry perhaps from the tiring traveling and strolling along Bintang Walk for 4 hours. I'm not alone, KF's friends were nice enough to spend time with me while waiting for the buffet at 9.30pm. We had to hang out at Dome at Lot 10 and watched a really boring Nicole Kidman's new movie at Time Square to kill time. I was only able to meet up with my bf at Jogoya.

And guess who we saw at Jogoya? What an coincidence. KF and friends rush over to take photos with Mr. Rexy.

What a crowd....

We did not stay long in the crowd because a huge crowd like this can be very dangerous.

Haha...guess what is this. This is one of the cooking tool we use while having my dinner at Sunway. Nope, it's not steamboat.

And with sauce. Yummy....

It's actually steam Bar B Q. healthy. :) And the bacons were darn good.

Night at Putrajaya with fireworks.
We went all the way to Putrajaya to catch just a few minutes of fireworks. I thought it will go on for at least 15mins to 30mins since it was an international firework competition. But it's ok, we enjoyed the view at Putrajaya a lot, it was a remarkably beautiful place, like a total different country.

Love and miss you.

Ok, I know this entry is a bit out of place here and there....but I wrote this in less than 30mins. Not bad lar....haha.



  1. Very nice. Sad to hear tht you are not posting your thai pics.

    When are you moving down to KL again? :P

  2. yes yes...not bad....30 mins is very good