Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am still alive

Yeah, I still am here. I just realized I haven't write anything for almost a month. I shouldn't call myself a blogger. I'm a lazy blogger, a sleeping blogger. I have no rights to scold Nai Nai for being a dead blogger who never post. I'm no good example myself, although I'm the earliest among my friends who blogs.
Well, my scanner broke down. Ok, I know that's not a good reason.


Over the month I'd been through a lot of fun stuff and some hardship too. Not hardcore hard stuff, just something that I need some time to adjust to it. Finally, Fai moved out to KL, his dream city, leaving me striving alone here in quiet Ipoh. Well, it's not a bad thing and I'm happy that he'd got what he always wanted. But as for me, I'm not quite sure what I want for myself. And for the moment, I'm still struggling to adjust my life in Ipoh without him. Can't blame me, we used to be together all the time and now the sudden change. And now I'm having all the time to myself, doing stuff that I never have the time to do before (like continue my postcards and stamps collecting hobbies and reading the books that are beginning to collect dust now) but the weeks are slow.

Anyway, I will post my Chiang Mai pictures very soon. :)

The courses of true love never did run smooth
William Shakespeare


  1. Stay strong girl. I read your blog but of course i cant identify myself. Sometimes, ppl have to chase their dreams, you should do the same too.

    God Speed

  2. Welcome back my buddy .. Always check on your entry until fed-up to check. It's been a month jor ... -_-"
    okok ... good tat you blog again. hehe ... cant wait to see your CM photos. I might miss that place in my life time, you know .. hehe ... you know what i mean, rite?!

  3. hey..finally post from you ;)
    so that's what's been bothering you..I guess maybe this is a challenge for both of you guar..

    come what may, true love can overcome what life throws at you.. :)