Saturday, July 28, 2007

While I Pack

I know I went missing again but those who are following my blog will know I'm a lazy bum and keep disappearing without any interesting post. SORRWWWEEE.....
And while I'm packing for my Chiang Mai trip, here's loads of pictures so that you guys wont miss me much.

Date : 22/July
Venue : Ee's place
Last Sunday me and my bunch of crazy colleagues went to Ee's big house for a barbecue feast. I craveeeed for BBQ so much. It has been some time since the good old days with my friends, BBQing at either Deb's or Nai's house.
It was a rainy night but this keep us cool and not too hot while BBQing.

Only fishballs and sausages? Where's the wing? Where's the wing???? How can we BBQ without any wingsss???

Girls preparing the food.

Guys preparing the stove.

Here's the chicken wing. Hehe.

Wong!! You lazy bum. Everyone is helping but you.

Cooking. Cooking.
BBQ is always tedious but tonnes of fun.

Everyone is happy with the food. Cook or not I'm not sure...but we're already too hungry.

All full now.
And who has the biggest belly?

Group photo time. How boring.
But for a piece of memory, it's priceless.


Date : 14/July
Venue : McD
At last, Lulu came back from the states...after how many years, 6? 8? I don't has been too long. But ppl just never change. She's still as cute as ever.
She bought along her DSLR camera (Yokie insisted her to bring along, dunno how many time she reminded Lulu) and Yokie was hugging the camera like a baby for the whole night. But the camera was undeniably a photography miracle. It transformed our ugliness(although not much, haha) into beauty.

We love black and look good in it. keke.

I don't know what else to pose and Yokie keep snapping the camera.

We are so prettyyyyyy!!!!!!

Lulu scolding Yokie for being such a nuisance with the camera.
You'll notice she's not in any of the pictures (except the one above).

We scold her together.
But she's a good photographer.

Nainai said, ' Lumix oso not bad mar...Night mode very darn cun geh'.
Lulu hissed, 'Nowhere near my Canon'.

Me : I'm tired of smiling all night long.
Nai : Then don't smile lor.
Me : I CANNOT not smile in front of the camera. *roll eyes*

Nai : Not creative at all!! You can always pose something like this.

I dunno why. I always tend to pose like this. See the BBQ picture above with bubble dialogues.

Kissy kissy muaks muaks.
I'm leaving early to fetch my dad from the bus station. I will miss you soooo much Lulu.

Bad habit of this photographer. Nai's always a victim.

And I'm still packing. I'm soooooo excited. This is my first oversea trip with my best friends. Will have loads of photos to blog about.

So excited that I can't write anymore......aaarrrggghhhhhh

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