Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eyes Of Malaysia

Going to KL has been a routine for me. I'm beginning to get bored with all the shopping complex dates, so this time we must try out the oh-so-famous but actually-not-that-special ferries wheel of Malaysia. This weekend will be a jimui's date because I'm meeting up Yokie and Debbie and the limelight here was on Yokie's shining new boyfriend. We met up and had lunch at KLCC. I wanted to go visit Teddy Beh's aquarium or underwater thing but no one is interested. So we just had a chatty and gossipy lunch and then shop around KLCC.

But we no longer shop/walk in a group, each of us was with a date, so we walk our separate way and meet up again for The Eyes ride. Well, I guess it's a couple thing, couples don't shop in a group. Kinda miss the girls-only shopping frenzy we always had in the good old days.

The three of us.
Erm, but where's Yokie's new beau? He's the photographer behind this beautiful picture.

GT is a great amateur photographer. You guys should take a look at the mesmerizing pictures he took with his great DSLR camera and a RM**k lens(price deleted due to reader's complain..haha). Don't pray-pray.

KL's jam-packed traffic.

I couldn't help cam-whoring in the midst of traffic jam.

The Eyes of Malaysia. Definitely not the tallest eyes but good enough a thrill ride for me.

Sunset and The Eyes.

The Eyes at night.

The new couple seems to enjoy each other company more than the ride or scenery. And the old couple (me and Fai) were trying to keep our cool when the car stopped at the peak and swing in momentum. Ok, I was the one who tried not to freak out and I did not really freak out. And RM15 was a tad bit expensive for a less than 20 minutes ride. But at least I live through it to tell that I did get onto the Eyes of Malaysia (hey, some of my colleagues even tried The Eyes of London and said it was nothing special, hish...those lucky bastards).

P/S : Except the first picture of the three bombshells, the rest of the shots were taken by my lovely pink handphone. Cool eh. I bet you can't tell. A cam-princess (must not overuse word 'whore') doesn't need a RM**k lens (cannot publish price of lens....erm, for some reasons that I'm not really sure of) for a good shot. hehe.


  1. oh...no wonder no update in yokie's blog for so long ler.. ;)
    busy pak toh...understand..understand..

  2. you are telling something not yet supposed to lar, aunty .. >_<
    and talked about the lens price pulak ... -_-" i tot of giving your blog to him .. guess cant now lor ....

  3. hehe... *grins*
    happy for yokie..at last she found someone special...

  4. you should take more pics of yourself and Fai together :D