Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being 26

Being 26.....

We earn our own bucks.
We drive our own car. Some even have their own house.
We can drink and gamble legally. And if I'm lucky, I still get stopped by the Pak Guard Genting Casino, checking my IC (teehee). Being 26, we still can pass off as 20. Muahaha....
We don't have to worry about exams, thesis, homework, short test.
We can sleep late, party hard, splurge on ourself(worry bout the debt later) and don't have to worry about wrinkles (yet....).

We are at the peak of our quarter life cycle. There's so much more we can enjoy in yuppiedom. Unlike married couple, we don't have to worry about kids education fund, heavy insurance, house installment and living expenses times two. Taking care of parents are so much an easier task. So, talking about commitment, we don't have much heavy load actually. (By saying 'we', I'm referring to myself and whoever that's still single/not married.)

I'm not rich but I just want to enjoy my life to the fullest, spoil myself, see the world, eat good food, sometimes eat luxuriously, do something that I don't think I'm capable of doing (erm, I still don't think I dare to do bungee jump).

To my friends who's in the quarter age crisis feeling tire, aimless and depressed (sometimes I will too), don't be. Being 26, we are breathing the best of what life has to offer. We ain't too young, ain't too old. Being 26, we are at our utmost energy level. And we only have 4 more years to go before we see card number THREE. >_< Carpe diem, folks.

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  1. 26 and going strong. I'm 26 too :D