Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I don't have time to blog?

I wonder why? While Kin Fai not being here in Ipoh anymore, which means no more long hour romantic dates but why I don't have time to blog?

Here's why:
  1. I have been traveling a lot...almost every week, Chiang Mai, Ipoh-KL-Ipoh.
  2. Getting in touch with my good ol' hobby. Am pretty much addicted to Postcrossing. It's amazing that only in two months, I'd received more than 50 beautiful cards from all around the world. See my pretty cards and activity : Posfinity and Kiiss Multiply. Having a hobby make you whole. Have one or two or a lot.
  3. Getting hooked with TV series. I just finished two really good series. One was from Hong Kong TVB series, forgot the name but if I said it's about a big family selling abalone everyone should know already. And then Nip/Tuck. I just finish season 2 and I need to get my hand on season!!
  4. Trying to finish a novel. Erm, to no avail....yet. Because of the series laaaa....
  5. Playing PSP. Bought a PSP for Fai but I got to keep for a few weeks and got addicted too. Whyyyyy am I so easily got attracted and addicted to materials?
But no matter how, I will not let my blog out in the cold to collect dust. I'm not allow that to happen, SK. >_<
This week will be going down to KL again, getting kinda sick of all the travelling but it bring back some old memories from my uni years, where I used to travel home every week from Penang.

Recently there's someone reading and commenting my blog anonymously. Sometimes giving me advices too. I wonder who she/he is. Are you sure that's not you, SK??? Trying to play a prank on me, huh???

K, going to work now. Perhaps some solid entry tonight.


  1. Hehe. The anonymous person is a He. I am not SK unfortunately. I hope I haven't disappoint you in that sense who ever SK is :D

    I am just an old friend of Berg's and your blog has allowed me to see the good things that is happening in his life and yours although we (you and I) don't really know each other.

    As for advice, I don't think I have given you any. You seemed level headed so yeah, don't worry too much about things that are beyond your control. Just enjoy the moment!

  2. SK is a friend who has been scolding me for not updating my blog.

    I didn't realize someone not from my own circle of friends will actually read my blog. I'm flattered. LOLed.

  3. No worries. I like reading your blog to be frank. Its quite informative and interesting. Keep it up alright? From me, Mr Anonymous again