Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pipit Wonderful Market

The second craft fair that I went, was really really reallllllly fun!!!! I didn't really prepare much for this events, just made some extra plushies (shy bunny and onigiri) and I didn't even print out any name cards (I handmade them instead of sending to printing shop). I went with one intention, not really to sell stuff but to have fun and meet all the great artist/crafters. Looking at the number of vendors at this event, I know this would be a fun-filled event.

So here's our little booth (with no table...whyyy???)
I'm sharing with Huey from Nottypooch (she made really cool tees and recycled banner wallet)

The right crowd came (design students, designers, journalist, young people, art crafts lover, cool peoples)

The Negative Effect promo video screening

Huey, Juliana and me (Thanks Juliana for coming to support!!)

Shera!! who made really beautiful cards

And Tako of Evangelione's handmade. I'm your fans!!
Finally, I bought Audrey, one for myself and the rest for

This event was really fun, especially I could meet with all the fantastic people who shares the same interest. And also online friends/blogger that finally meet in real person. If I'm not one of the vendor, I think I will snap more pictures and perhaps will shop a lot too.

And if Pipit Market held another event next month, I will be there again and this time I will drag Debbie along.

And finally, we have Krispy Kreme. How is Krispy Kreme different from Big Apple and once very long queued J&Co? Krispy Kreme serves each and every customer that was queuing for our turn to make our purchase one fresh out from the oven original glazed donut. Now that's different!
And ho was really crispy!!

Ok, don't ask me to compare Krispy Kreme, J&Co and Big Apple. They all look and taste the same to me.
I'm not a big fans of sweet things.
But I loved the free donut. XD So extra point for Krispy Kreme.


  1. wow .. it was nice .. i think much better than the one I went to last time .. :D

    U look pretty lar ~~~ ^V^

  2. forgotten to ask .. why on the floor? :P
    next time enquire them for a table lar ... easier to promote also .. :)

  3. ahaha...thanks thanks.

    Yea lor, no table is provided. :(
    Next time I have to bring my own table. A bit embarassing to put everything on the floor.:/

  4. You live and you learn, right? Now you know to bring your own table or inquire as to whether they provide tables. :)

  5. nice to finally meet you in person :)

  6. now you know how it feels selling from the floor! so funny!! craft show 101 get yourself a table!! I'm sure there are other things you learned also..good luck with future shows!!!!

  7. wah, looks fun and quite crowded...many cute amnd nice stuffs selling there....yer,i missed this craft fair..

  8. heyy! was good to meet you and huey finally :)

    i tried to get some krispy kremes but the queue was so long, decided to wait for next time -_-

  9. inkypots, you'll get free donut while queuing. XD

  10. hi kiiss,

    so glad to meet you in person, looking forward to meet you again next time :) and so sorry not bringing enough item for you and please let me know again which item for the rest and i will send them to you, postage on me;)

  11. nice meeting u there d[^_^]b

  12. hello kelly! i bought the apple pixels keychain from u during wonderful market event in timesquare last sunday :)) but it's broken now :( any ways to fix it except using strong glue?

  13. aiyahhh!!! free DONUT!

  14. eeeeeeee........jealous-nyerrrrr!!! I wanna go too, and those doughnuts omg must try!

  15. hahaha..yea I'm pretty lazy..and I still need to finish Heroes!! Ahhh!! I watched the finale though!! It was insane! Can't wait for Volume 5! ;D

    It looks like you had a lot of fun!! All the vendors shown look really cute!! I like the dolls you bought at the end~ Super super adorable~ Makes me want to get back to my crafting...

  16. [p.s. I love Krispy Kreme..actually..I just like donuts. haha I'm a fatty. ;P]