Saturday, May 02, 2009

For the love of craft

Finally, we found Multifilla (after the second try). Balakong is not very near to PJ, even though the worker there insisted that it's very near. From the website, you can see that this warehouse is selling allllll sorts of craft material, machines, trinkets and such. I spent almost an hour exploring the whole warehouse and found a lot of stuff that I can not get in normal craft shop (and my bf sleeping at the counter -_-).

1. Polyester Resin (RM26)
2. Resin hardener catalyst (RM4)
3. Release agent (RM18)
4. Small eye screw, 20 pcs (Rm15)
5. Speedball cutter, for rubber carving (RM59)
6. Hand-drill (RM20)

Woo-hoo!!!!! Now I can start experimenting on resin accessories and rubber-stamp carving. The price is good (cheaper than craft shops) and I'm never ever going to visit craft shops again. XD

Next item on my list :
1. A cheap, less than RM100 oven (for curing polymer clay)
2. Sewing machine, around RM500


  1. really went there? it's very far from my house too..anyway, glad that you can find all the crafts equipement that not easily found

  2. Hello! Route from Pipit's webpage.... I was looking up and down for resin, pmc clay and it must be my lucky day to find your post on this wonderful warehouse. The price for those items you have bought are really cheap... I am hoping to go there to check it out myself... thanks for sharing

  3. Hi, went there before but i can't get rubber carving blocks, do you mind to tell me where did you get the large carving blocks? I love stamp carving too! XD

  4. Hi! Im currently looking for some rubber stamp block to customize my own rubber stamp for some crafts. May I know where you get your rubber blocks from? Thank you!

  5. Hi Angeline. I get from Multifilla.