Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How well do you know me?

I'm surprise so few ppl know about me. And my questions are fairly easy and giveaway questions. And no trick questions, Yokie! And some choose very disappointing answer....@_@ Even my ex-bf only got 1 answer correct (ok, now you know why he is my ex). But it's fun and addictive nonetheless.

1) Would I go bungee jumping?
a) Yes,it's in my to-do list before I die.
b) I will if my all my buddies go along.
c) Yes, if someone double dare me.
d) Maybe yes, maybe not, erm..dunno la.
e) Definitely not!!

Definitely not!!! I'm afraid of height. This is a spot on if you're a close friend that know me well enough.

2) What am I scared of?
a) Horror movie
b) Roller coaster ride
c) Haunted house
d) Being lonely
e) Being in the dark

I am a brave person but I'm afraid of dying. Among all those, roller coaster has the highest risk of accidents causing death. And again, I am afraid of height. I might consider going on a roller coaster ride but never ever bungee jumping.

3) What is my dream car?
a) BMW
b) Ferrari
c) I don't drive
d) Porche
e) car that no need petrol

Yes, that's my answer whenever any MLM ppl ask me what is my dream car.

4) How many long term boy/girlfiends have I had? (Including the current one)
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 1
e) 5

Would be 4 if include non-long term r/ship (that lasted for a month). haha.

5) Sports that I am good at
a) Swimming
b) Badminton
c) Ping Pong
d) Squash
e) None

I know a bit in each of those sports but not good at any of them. Yokie, it's not a trick question la, I'm better in swimming (compare to you all) but I'm not good at it AT ALL. hahahaha

6) How many times have I traveled out of the country?
a) Less than 5 times
b) More than 5 times but not more than 10 times
c) I never travel out from Malaysia :(
d) Lost count la, I always fly here and there.

Ok, the trickiest must have been this one. Actually was exactly 5 times but not less than 5 times, so the closest should be B. :P
But hey, I have one friend that chose 'C'. @_@ I've been out from Malaysia, please la.

7) What is my favorite type of music?
a) Rock and Jazz
b) Sappy love songs
c) R&B and Hip Hop
d) Sappy love songs and contemporary pop
e) Hard metal

Not many ppl know this, so even my closest friend will get this wrong. I'm not really a big fans of Jazz but recently I had a thing for Michael Buble and keep listening to this Ray Charles CD. Yea, a little influenced by my bf into feeling jazzy but hey, I also influenced him into memorizing/singing Jay Chow's song. XD
And most of the ppl chose D. I don't like sappy love songs ok. I am a rock girl. I dig My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Lighthouse, Oasis (in the 90s), Coldplay, Greenday and Creed!!!


  1. I just read the entire survey, shame on your friends for not knowing these! :)

  2. aiyer ... i tot u would go for the jump if everyone goes for it .. /ceh ...

    I remember ur things geh .. just ur answer also quite close mer .. :P

    Lucky I didnt ask what is ur dream car .. muahahahahaha ...

  3. aiyer...i really don't know your phobia...don't know that u scared of height, no wonder at bkt gasing u abit slow la..

  4. why you can delete my comment? that mean you dare not admit that i can answer almost all your 'how well do you know me'

  5. To Mr Anonymous who is also my ex-bf

    Your previous comment said, 'I am your ex, judged by yourself'.

    Sounded like you are offended and I do not like it. Why do you have to take it so seriously? This is my blog and I would like all the comments cheery and dandy and not being vandalized by any angry comments.

    Even if I can't answer your quiz correctly, I will say the same thing and laugh it off as 'No wonder I am your ex'. You don't have to know me 100% and vice versa. Anybody can/will change after 6 years.