Sunday, March 09, 2008

Selling at Etsy

It has been 10 days since my last successful sales at Etsy. I used to sell at least 2-3 items during the weekend and up until now, there's 30 successful sales. But business has been stagnant for the past week and I think I need to work harder in maintaining the sales.

Here's some of the things I will have to do, for promotion, for the love of craft, for business, for fun and whatsoever (I got some of the great tips from The Tiny Fig).

  1. Blogging
    Yes, I need to maintain a consistent update of my art-venture blog in order to showcase my craft and art work and also to promote my Etsy shop. And many also read other craftster's blog, comment their work, link them to my blog and in that way, my network will broaden.

  2. A new avatar I need to find or design a new and recognizable avatar for my brandname, Kiiss.

  3. Forum
    Be more chatty. Give useful opinions and thoughts. Exposure!

  4. Other affiliates
    Flickr, many related group to join, comments on other ppl's art and crafts. Look for more ideas and inspiration. Chat and comment. Build network. But I don't know about Facebook, but since it's such a hip now, perhaps worth a try.

  5. Other craft websites
    Crafster Community, Indiepublic, We Love Etsy, and maybe Nervousness? Get connected with other artist and craftster. Join activities in forums. Learn more new technique, improvise through other expert. ^_^ Just have fun! Arts and crafts is more to having fun than just about making money.

  6. Make more items and list them frequently
    Yes. I need to make more item and list them frequently at all time. But I do have a tendency to list everything at once. And now I do not have any new item to list, need to make more!!!

  7. Photography and photoshop
    Ok, I need to brush up my photography skills. And also learn Photoshop. I can not survive with just Microsoft Paint. /vomit.

Ok, so I still have a plenty of works to do. Better move my butt and keep things going...lalala....


  1. I have a tendency to list everything at once too. When I made something new I just want to list it right away!

  2. First step of networking, cross linking each other! So I link you to my blog hehee ^^ Congrats on selling ur maguro sushi set!