Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Try in Rubber Carving

Another new experiment on craft. Trying on rubber carving. It's fun, easy to craft but difficult to master. Geninne inspired me to carve. She's a very very talented stamp artist.

Ok, now look at what I did.... :p

First try, with Geninne's tutorial. Uneven lines, and smeared. :/

Second try. Own design. Still look weird and uneven stamping area. But outerline looks better this time. :p

My tool.

They are actually wood carving tool. They are sharp but the carving is not precise enough. I think I need to get a proper (better) tool for rubber carving.

Rubber stamping is messy :/

And Nici says 'Hi'


  1. wah,glad that u have tried rubber stamping...I think you need more practice on the precision and evenness..
    Hi, Nici..or naughty boy? hehe...

  2. Hehe~ Thsoe are really nice looking stamps for you first times! I have a book that shows me how to dye fabrics..and stamping is one of the sections..but I haven't had the time [or money..haha] to do anything from the book ;-;

    Can't wait to see more~
    E> An

  3. [p.s. Your Nici is cutecute. >w<]

  4. The leaf stamp is stunning - you could try it in autumn colours.

    via swap-bot :-)

  5. Guess what! I've been wanting to try this and have actually bought plenty of rubbers... lol. I've also kored-ed my old wood carving tool but in this case, I think I'll go buy the proper ones before I start. lol.

  6. can try to get the carving tools from Diaso.... not the curve's, but Singapore.....reasonable price

  7. Wow at first I thought you bruised your finger then I saw the paint and was relieved.

  8. I've always wanted to try this too! Yours came out awesome. :)

  9. Hi there,

    Thanks to your blog for leading me to Gennine's works.I was inspired by her passion and creativity as well.Thought of trying my hands on rubber stamp but i couldn't find the carving blocks,ink pads etc..

    May i ask where did you get your supplies?Better be KL area.Thanks.Hope to hear from you soon :)


  10. Hi,

    May i know where can i get the carving block and tools in singapore?

    today i went to Daiso, they only have big caring tools, wonder if i can get a mini set for rubber stamp...


    1. u can try jusco.They have cheap set that is designed for woodcarving -about RM13.But these are not good enough for delicate stamp carving.You might want to invest on speedball instead.