Saturday, October 17, 2009

It has been 2 months...

It has been 2 months since I last blogged :( Why am I so lazy and disorganize? What have I been doing in 2 months? Feels like I'd just threw 60 days away.

So here's a little update from me.

In the past 2 months:
  1. I'd quit my new job and found a new one. 2 months? That was horribly fast. Well, you won't want to know what it's like.
  2. Been to 2 bazaars, Arts for Grab and Joujou and Shugi. One went great and one not so great.
    Pekmun, Deb and me at Arts for Grabs.

  3. Addicted to Facebook games...silly idiot facebook games but I'm addicted. WTF is wrong with me? Wasting so many precious time on these silly interactive games and gaining nothing out of and hate it at the same time, I can't make up my mind.
  4. Doing my best at my new job and the new job is doing it's best to wreck my little pathetic life. (ironicly, you can refer back to #1)
  5. Loading up my fabric shop with lots of new imported fabric.

In the next 2 months:
  1. I'm going to attend graphic design class for the next 9 months. Yea, part time course for working adult and it aint cheap too. But just a small price to pay for knowledge and ambition.
  2. Start a journal. Inspired by Keri Smith from her book, How To Be An Explorer of The World. I haven't read this book but I'd already inspired by the book cover and the idea. Most probably will grab this from Amazon.
  3. Go to downtown and take more pictures with my UWS, LC-A and Smena 8m. (total I have 5 cameras now, including 2 digital cams). Places in mind are Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor and...hmm..any other good suggestion. Will be a great source of inspiration for my journal and blog too.
  4. Continue to work on Kiirey.
  5. And not forgetting start a new job.
  6. Blog more...yeah, right.
  7. Stop playing facebook games.....yeah, right.
Ho boy, this sound so much like a year end resolution.
I just love writing list.


  1. FB are very addictive.... I'm kinda addictive to the games too....

  2. haha..
    yay!!! take pics with me ler...

  3. too le..addicted to games cham. Long time din come out any new products liao. :S
    where u take graphic design class?

  4. Hi Kelly :)

    Where is this graphic design class located? I'm searching for hobby classes which are related to arts.Hmm.. Couldn't find it anywhere else.By chance,do you know where i can find Fine Art Study class too ?

    thanks :)

    Update more often !