Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I am waiting for Kin Fai from Melaka to reach KL and will go back Ipoh for this New Year weekend, so I'm taking some quick time to write an entry.

Finally, I'd bought a domain and successfully migrate my design blog KiireyBlog to wordpress. So, please check out, comment, subscribe, follow or bookmark the blog. I spent many many hours and late nights tweaking the codes and setting. It's kinda torture for someone clueless about web programming like me and I don't have much extra bucks for hiring a designer or programmer. With this blog, maybe I will blog less here (not that I write a lot anyway). But after I changed job(last month), I already have more time to spend on the things that I like to do so hopefully I could write more.

And here are some things that I sent out for Agnes's Xmas Swap, I got 2 swap partners and hope they like everything :) I even gave out my best seller fabric.
They already received my swaps, so I will show them off here. I will post what I received soon. Both packages from my swap partners are still at my Ipoh home, waiting for me to unwrap. Can't wait Can't wait. And they will be my New Year gifts instead of Xmas gifts.
Hmm...I am thinking of hosting a Pink theme swap for Valentine's Day. Anyone interested? Hmm...maybe not because CNY falls on V-day, everyone will be too busy. :/

Ho Ho Ho~~~

I will be going to Phuket next month, any suggestion for must-see, must-go place?

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