Sunday, August 29, 2010

A long weekend but a lot of work to do...

Lot's of new fabby to be seen at

Monday and Tuesday (Malaysia's independence day) are holidays for me. yay...but there's plenty of work to do. There's a whole bunch of new fabby to be uploaded into the catalogue.

other things to do:
-create new ad box
-make payment to my fabby supplier
-process all Etsy orders (all the sudden, sales in Etsy has been growing tremendously, because of the coming holiday season?)
-prepare for the bazaar booth in Oct+Nov (must remember to put up poster in Blog!)

-straighten(rebond) my unruly hair
-shawl/scarf from Studio Tangs, crazy sales over there!!
-a new Hobo bag. I love love love Hobo designed bag
-new clothes and lots of sexy leggings from

things to buy:
-a sewing machine (am thinking of buying from Debbie, I have a lot of ideas and I really should make something out of my own fabby)
-still looking for a handmade fabric Hobo bag, there's a lot of Pudu/central market area but those look cheap and fragile. I want a customize handmade one!
This is oh-so-pretty : (I want one in red)

haha...I love making list. :D

and another happy thing (at least for me), see the outcome of my beautiful fabrics....

beautiful fabric wallet made using fabric from my shop
(picture courtesy from one of my talented customer)


  1. Hello, why didn't mention "NxTTx" Job/life in your blog?

  2. I love hobo bags too!

    Lovely fabrics :)

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