Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello to my new life

Date : 14/February/2005
Ask Joe to hand my resume and cover letter to Unisem (M) Sdn. Bhd. Human Resource Department. He said after Chinese New Year, many will leave the company and there will be plenty of vacancy.

Date : 1/March/2005
After waiting for 2 long weeks. I finally received a call from Unisem, asking me to come for an interview on the next day. Wa wa wa wa wa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And on this night, I have sleepless night because I was too worry about the interview.

Date : 2/March/2005
I lied to my boss, take half day and I went for the interview. I dressep up smartly and tried to look confident even though my hands were sweating like fountain.
There were 5 interviewees and I'm the only girl. >_< I was the last second who went into the room. Boy, the waiting was torturing.
After my interview session finished, I was asked to go for medical check up. WA WA WA WA WA
My percentage of success rose to almost 90%.
I had sleepless night on this day too.....

Date : 3/March/2005
Why is there no call from Unisem? Did I fail? Dif I fail?
My dad received a call from Unisem asking me to go for another check up. Hmm?? Then he called again to cancel the appointment. What happen? What happen?
And again....sleepless night.

Date : 4/March/2005
As usual, I went to work at the boring Eurollence and attended the damn boring ISO training course.
At 12.19pm, Mr. Rowan from Unisem called me. Asking me my availability to start work? And then he arranged 23rd of March for me to report to work at Unisem. WAAAAA WAAAA WAAAAAA WAAAAA
And at lunch time, I typed my resignation letter and at 6pm, I handed it to Mr.Ong. He was shocked and worried. We talked until 7pm. He offered 1.8K salary to me. Nah, too late boss. I had enough of the trash work here for a whole damn long year and a torturing 6 months at KL.

Date : 23/March/2005
Scenario still unknown but Unisem, here I come!


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  2. hmm elo there..was reading ur epic story of getting a new job...haha i also got kanchiong to know what was the results gonna be like...was ur fountain of sweat really paying off =P anyways congrats on the new job..they payin more then 1.8k i hope...for over a year and now only he decide to give a raise..say bye to that kiamsiap boss ler..hehe...till then i might be dropping around more..take care