Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another day of art~~

La la la.....Art makes my day happy. I'm glad it discover art....or maybe art discovered me. March is a month full of art stuff.
Here's some of the ATCs that I made for the trade in MSN groups. Some of them were already traded. I do mainly collaging. I like collage. But I did a few water colour series and crayon series that I still havent scan.

Chinese New Year Theme ATC
Simple but has the touch of Chinese feeling in this ATC. Both are already traded. I made them during the Chinese New Year last month.
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Chinese Zodiac ATC
Made from playing cards, greeting cards and wrapping papers. This is my first attempt of making ATC using playing cards and semi background. Not bad but I don't really like the look of it looking so obvious like a the back of a playing cards. But I want to make a series of 12 Chinese Zodiac for my own collection so this two are not for trade. And the Dragon ATC that use feather turns out to be really a good idea after all. I'm collecting more feathers.^_^
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-Horse- -Dragon-

I used wrapping paper as background, yarn for the direction and printed words on Joss Papers.
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Two of Heart
Hmm...I don't really like this. Messy and the colour don't blend with each other very well.
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Asian Theme ATC
I'm using a very pretty wrapping paper that has a lot of pretty oriental prints and backgrounds. These Chinese characters are also from a wrapping paper. And in the middle is a little coin from Malaysia. Fisrt two series is the front and back of a 5 cents coin and the last two is the front and back of a 1 cent coint. Maybe I'll make more cards like this for trade because people are usually very attracted with Asian type of ATC and also foreign coins. ^_^
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