Monday, February 11, 2008

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR no one will be updating their blog regularly nowadays because it is the Lunar New Year celebration all over the globe. Busy busy...collecting ang pows, gambling, going out with family and friends. is the fifth day of Lunar New Year celebration, lalala and I am getting a little exhausted of the late night hang out with my friends and also at Kin Fai's friend's place. Last night I slept at 3.30am and woke up at 11.00am(almost everyday I slept at 3am) and now blogging about nothing. Haha.

Kin Fai went back to KL today. He was here for 7 days (one whole week!!) but I couldn't get to see him that often. I was kinda pissed off because his friends got to see him more. >_< But I guess every year's CNY is deem to be like this. But I couldn't stop myself from complaining. But can't blame me, I haven't see him in 3 weeks!! Long distance relationship is so difficult. Arrgghhh....*sigh*

Will be starting work tomorrow. I know there's a lot of ppl already started work today. I really don't feel like going to work at all, I know everyone is the same....but it's such a dreadful feeling, I know I am avoiding facing shits at work. But the shits are just too horrible. Can't write much about work here because a lot of my colleagues and even my bosses knew about my blog (is it a good thing?). It has been almost 3 years working with them and I grew to love the ppl and environment but somehow.....I don't know, is 3 years too long already? Some ppl has been working for more than 10 years in the same company. Not a pleasant CNY I would say, because I was being bother by work. Ok, so I know there's work pressure and pleasure. I am not trying to complain, in fact, I did enjoy (love??) my work a lot. And now trying to establish my part time job as an artisan.

Ok, I am still working hard on my Etsy shop. There's so many things I wanted to make and sell. Felt sushis, paper dolls, tags, inchies (already done!! and looking pretty but nobody is buying), more felt food....maybe even cards. Now trying to make some felt sushi food. For more arts and craft-venture, please tune to this blog. Since I got hooked on with Etsy, life has been busy and it adds another meaning to my life. This is not kids play, you know. I am putting my love and life into this art thing. Life without a passion for something is definitely dull and monotonous. So peeps, find your passion if you haven't got one yet.

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  1. Be Patient lar, kii ... soon you can be with him when you moved there .. :D