Saturday, February 02, 2008

What I am Doing

Ok, so I left my blog in the cold again. Some readers has been asking me, what are you doing???? Why no blog??? Actually I'm really slacking off in blogging and seldom read my friend's blog as well. SORRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Okok, lately, this is what I'm doing most of the time. My Etsy Shop. Hahaha. At last I have my own shop. And have been making a little money from it. I'm trying to make more handcraft item for sales and so, maintaining the shop and crafting is what I'm keeping my hands busy now. I tried to introduce the idea of e-commerce to my friends, e-Bay, Laundromatic and Etsy. Some of them are interested with the idea...but, just interested with the idea and not interested in actually doing it. So well, I'm having my fun, earning humble moolah and it's much more fun than doing MLM or selling insurance. the way, I have another blog to keep track of my arts and crafts adventure. The passion of crafting is what keep me sane from all the stupid work stress(but I'm not so easily get stressed from work....I'm almost stress-free) and also kills the boredom and loneliness of being in the long distance relationship.

Talking about long distance relationship. Yea, we are still strong. And a lot of ppl are surprise that we're still together. LDR is not as difficult to maintain as I thought. Maybe success rate will be like 30% (or maybe 20%...erm maybe 10%, there's no statistical support, ok) but it's not like impossible.

Ok-lah, that's all for today. At least I blog something mar.

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  1. Mr Anonymous here,

    Cool shop. Got some sales I tell you :D

    As for me, I am in the midst for looking for a job :(