Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Handmade Photography Postcard, anyone?

I have more than 1000 pictures in my hard disk (both laptop and the portable drive) but it never occur to me to print them out.

But recently the Postcrossing craze hits me again. Those that doesn't know, Postcrossing is a postcard exchange community website with a system that make sure everyone gets a card from everywhere in the world, from strangers who send beautiful postcards. The magic of snail mail is never lost with Postcrossing. I have been collecting postcards for many years ever since, somehow stopped (due to work, etc etc) and recently I recommended my friend to this site and then I began to start sending and receive postcards again. But then, I got bored of our dull Malaysia postcards (we only have the Yacine cards...) and I wonder, can I make my own cards?
Of course, with my crafty fingers, I attempted a few art cards before:

But ever since I gotten my hands on plastic toy and vintage cameras, I started to venture into the magical world of photography. Still an amateur, but then I wonder, what if I turn some of my favourite shots into postcards, slap on a stamp and send across the ocean? Will people like them as much as I do?

And then I stumbled on, an online printing site. Awesome! The internet is really awesome, I can now print them without leaving my house and go search for photo printing shop. And EOE's price is very reasonable too, 30sen for 4R and 50sen for 5R. Hey, with the money today, we can't do much with a few sens. Store bought postcards are now priced at RM1! (used to be just 50sen....). I can't wait to register on their website and try out their service.

Did I ever tell anyone that plastic toy cameras are fun?

My first attempt using plastic toy camera with film

Tanjung Sepat captured in film (with a plastic toy camera too)

Phuket on film

(this was taken on a digital camera)

Are they good enough to be postcards? :)

I am going to let you guys know when I got my pictures and how I transform them into postie.

and wait....I might have the chance to get 50 prints from them for free!!!
Here's the link if you want to try them out too :


  1. Your postcards are wonderful! I love the first with the bicycle and the third, Tanjung Sepat. They are great! Thanks for the links too.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  2. ya..their price is cheaper than outside. I've been print it since few years ago. but long time din print my photos already. Now i wanna choose some of my wedding photos at print it at :p

  3. would love to get a postcrossing postcard like this! :)

  4. i got printed my photo as postcard...I've printed 200pcs but now less few pcs only. Will reprint again ;-)


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