Sunday, December 19, 2010

Postcrossing Malaysia Meet Up

Malaysia Postcrosser United!~~~

My first Postcrossing Meet Up, at Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur.
In conjunction with stamps week. So many stamps, first day cover, miniature sheets, postcards, old stamps. so many things to see!!!
Most fun is to meet up with the Malaysian postcrossers, from all over Malaysia!!

Jeremy15 is busy signing postcards. I arrived late so I have a big stack to sign.
Postcrosser Goddess (Kak Nurul) is monitoring. hehe

The stack of postcards that I have to sign.
I regretted bringing only 20 postcards. We seldom could meet up like this....

philomenaloh is excited too!!

From left:
kiie10 (me!), philomenaloh, lalalander, jeremy15, antujahat666, newrule (the #1 postcrosser from Malaysia!!!), lim8, Verlustangst and Tjclassic8482.

The meet up postcard!

I spent RM60 just on stamps!!!

To Yokie and Pekkie, you missed the fun. But I got souvenir for you.


  1. Nice photos of postcrossing meet. Thanks for sharing. RM60 on stamps well spent. Cheers from Pennag Island, Postcrosser SLLiew

  2. walau ............ i really missed that! but good, u get the souvenir for us ... so thoughtful .. ^_^

  3. To bad I'm stuck in cold Germany at the moment, I'd have loved to be there with you guys!

  4. waa, this sounds so fun. I missed that. so kind of you for getting souvenirs for us. :)

  5. Just wait for another meeting announcement...anyway thanks for the nice photo. Sad because can't join in but happy to help spread the words to others in a short notice...

  6. Thank you for the pics. It's so nice to see you in "real". It seems that you have had a lot of fun. You should meet more often *gg*.

    @ Janina: you are stuck in Germany? Where?
    We could have a meet-up together here in snowy Germany, so that you won't feel sad anymore to have missed the KL meet-up ;-)


  7. Thanks for all the comment, it was definitely fun!

    Let's have this more often!!!

  8. Buying stamps for postcard swap, indeed, eat up a big portion of my budget :P

  9. the stamps look pretty! i have to get some on my next trip there from singapore! glad that u guys had fun!! :) :)


  10. hi babe. its me, antujahat666. well, its a hounour to meet u even in a short time. next time we can make it for a long chat k? nice pictures! keep on crossing....!!

  11. i dunno got this event le..:S missed it!

  12. Oh, Yes, thank you for the nice photo, Kiirey! Friends from Malaysia, please arrange another meetup at the end of this year! It will be much more fun if we all can stay and chat for a longer time! :)

    Shah Alam, Malaysia

  13. Hey postcrossers,

    Some activity you guys had. I'd like to know if the postage rate is the same for all postcards or do they (Pos Malaysia) have to weigh each card for each destination?

    Hope to hear...

  14. Hi there..i received the postcard with the poscrosser signature during the meet up. Kak Newrule the goddes (haha..salute her)sent it to me..
    I supposed to join the event but cancelled due to unforseen thing..anyway...hope we can repeat again:-)

  15. hello,
    I am new on postcrossing, may I know where to get unique postcards in Kuala Lumpur as Ive been searching postcards for about 2 weeks already T_T