Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Ball of Yarn

I want to try on learning crocheting again. Learning by yourself following online tutorials are not as easy as I thought. I tried to learn crochet a year ago and I stop halfway, gave away the ball of yarns and hook to my friend (who did not learn it either). Somehow I got the urge and sudden determination to grasp this challenging (and addictive?) craft once again. So I get myself a new golden hook (wow!) and a ball of high quality yarn (RM16/ball!!). A high quality yarn is worth buying because the yarn will not become 'furry' and loosen and it is so much easier to handle compare to the cheap yarns I bought last time (hehe...I try to blame it on the yarn).

Look, I made some round thing! I am a step closer to amigurumi.

p/s : Chipmunk is made from a handglove. Isn't he lovely? He is always on my work table.

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