Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy times

It had been some times....and I'd been lazy with my blog lately. Ok....I deeply apologize. So here one stretch of my happy and bragging moments.

Please meet my new handphone, Sony Ericsson W700i. All pictures in this post taken by this 2.0mp cameraphone. Awesome eh? (but I'm broke...)

09/September/2006 at Halo Cafe:
So we had our very own Halo Cafe in Ipoh now. Who says Ipoh is boring? It's getting hippier and hippier. So we celebrated Yokie's belated birthday there.

Hello Halo!

We got a table just right in front of the stage.

The paper coaster is cute.

Our pretty drinks.

Here comes the chocolate fudge cake.

Not only that, we also had mooncakes(thanks to Mary). Although not the conventional ones but I love jelly mooncakes.

The band saw the cake and so they sang.....'Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!'

Never in Yokie's life a lifeband sang a birthday song to her. She was sooooo touched and couldn't stop the tears.

Birthday song was over and now that's more like it. HAHAHAHA.

16/September/2006 at Sun Weng Cau Seafood Restaurant:
I'd been pestering my friends and colleague for seafood fest....and now here we are(with my gluttonous colleagues), at a seafood restaurant at Menglembu. Waaaaaaa.............crab crab, here I come.........

Look at the food. Fish, crab, prawn....

My gluttonous colleagues.

Chomp chomp chomp

And me taking pictures of the greedy and hungry buffalos.

And I spent my Sunday morning baking another fantastic cheese. Not Oreo cheesecake anymore. I did something different this time.....and guess what?

It's baked pandan cheesecake!!! La La La....

*sigh* But accident happens. The aluminium foil wrapped around the springform tin was broken and when I baked my cake in the water bath, water leaked into my cake. And my cake is a bit soggy now. T_T How am I going to give my dear a soggy cheesecake? I shouldnt re-use the aluminium foil. I'd put it in the fridge now, I wonder if this it's till edible. Poor soggy pandan cheesecake.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeee ................. I am not crying .. those pics of me is too "geli". I think you should remove them.
    Ooo .... only bake cheese cake for your dear dear ... I tot of asking you to bake one for me today, hahaha, never imagine you really were baking one!
    And, i am not being lazy not to blog, just this blogger is damn slow when I wanted to upload my pictures. And stupid streamyx not stable over at my house. So, I didnt get to online!! Damn bored ...
    I went home becos no activity here. How about going to KL?

  2. Hahaha....but funny mar the pictures. Everyone thought you're too touched.

    The cake turn out to be ok and edible.