Sunday, September 24, 2006

My career man

Yesterday we met with Debbie's new beau, which I believe is a successful career man, and already at top managerial level. First meeting is always awkward and started with few very conversations. But as the night grew older, conversation began to heat up. Mature and successful man like him usually provides very influential talks. But Halo Cafe was not a very suitable place for talking due to the loud singing and music instruments from the liveband. They seems like a happy couple and I'm happy for Deb too. Well, I have my career man too.....

Battusai : career man must practice sleeping early
Kii : -_- he even tell u tat?
Kii : Did he tell you career man behind must have wat ar? *actcute*
Battusai : no la, of course tat one i add in wan la
Battusai : doink
Kii : career man behind got wat aaaaaaa? -_-
Battusai : tat wan he din tell wor
Kii : -_-suan ler pah
Kii : tmr wat time you come?
Battusai :10
Kii : oklor
Kii : then oi oi lor, career man
Battusai : career man behind mus have aaaaaaaaaaa my kelly
Battusai : or aaaaaaaaaaaaaa my keat keat
Kii : *giggle*
Battusai : or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my meng keat
Battusai : or aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my koo koo
Battusai : or aaaaaaaaaaaaaa my rabbit rabbit
Kii : pls ar
Kii : bye, oi oi lar
Battusai : buhbuy
Kii : Love you, my career man

He always wanted a dreadlock but career man should have a sturdy appearance. And so I dragged him to my hairstylist, Jacky.
Buh-bye Cosa Nostra.

Career man in the making.

*sob sob*

Leo's mane.....

My handsome career man. *giggle*

I also got myself a free fringe cut. Hehe

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