Thursday, September 28, 2006

Survey of The Week

Surveys are always fun. It's fun to read about and fun to answer to. I will blog an entry of survey everyweek. Feel free to copy any surveys that you like and answer them in your bloggie.

If I were.......

if i were a month i would be: January
if i were a day of the week i would be: Saturday
if i were a time of day i would be: 9 pm (most 'sober' time of the day)
if i were a planet i would be: venus
if i were a sea animal i would be: dophin
if i were a direction i would be: south
if i were a piece of furniture i would be: a bed
if i were a sin i would be: lust
if i were a historical figure i would be: Mulan
if i were a liquid i would be: water
if i were a tree i would be: a sakura tree
if i were a flower/plant i would be: a tulip
if i were a kind of weather i would be: winter
if i were a musical instrument i would be: a piano
if i were an animal i would be: an eagle
if i were a color i would be: pink
if i were a vegetable i would be: cucumber
if i were a sound i would be: laughter
if i were an element i would be: wind
if i were a song i would be: Pachebel's Canon in D
if i were a movie i would be directed by: Steven Spielberg
if i were a book i would be written by: JRR Tolkien (so that he could invent another language for me)
if i were a food i would be: cheese cakes
if i were a place i would be: Maldives
if i were a material i would be: crystal (brings the charka from within)
if i were a taste i would be: sweet
if i were a scent i would be: lavender (seems romantic)
if i were a word i would be: I
if i were an object i would be: book
if i were a body part i would be: fingers
if i were a facial expression i would be: a smile
if i were a cartoon character i would be: Hobbes
if i were a shape i would be a: a star
if i were a number i would be: five (that's my fave number!)

Well, I guess that's about it ~ ~ ~

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  1. Survey can be interesting if the number of people involved is high. The tabulated result published will provide a good insight of the people's thought. :-)