Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging at this hour....

Well, one thing I like about my job is that I can blog at this hour. Muahahaha.....My new job allows me to online. Such bliss!

Ok, nothing much to blah in the morning, other than I killed another small roach this morning. Will be going back to Ipoh again this week. Yeah, has been going back to hometown quite frequently. WTH, KL-Ipoh is so near. Since I am going back by car this time (with Kin Fai), I will bring down more of my stuff, especially crafting tools. I just neeeed to get back the crafting mood.

Talking about crafting, when I was looking for art and crafts workshop around my area, I stumbled upon NeedlesNCrafts (NNC). NNC is a yahoogroup of great Malaysia crafters. I am totally impress that we Malaysian, have our small group of artisans. Looks like arts and crafts in the country is still not dead yet. I am currently pending for membership. Can’t wait to join this group and am looking forward to some craft fairs, craft workshop, gathering, some activities among fellow Malaysians. Now I don’t have to swap craft with only foreigners which drain my salary for postage.

Ok, need to go back to work. Lalala…..

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