Friday, May 02, 2008

Cockroach Terror

I am trying to cope wioth my new life in the big noisy urban city. But living alone is not fun at all. Especially the house I live in is infested with the horrible horrible horrible dreadful evil of evil insect, the big fat black cockroach. >_<

A few days ago I already had one in my room, which I had to run out dancing from my room to seek help from my heroic housemate. Embarassing betul! My second encounter with the nasty roach was even worst nightmare. I bumped into the second roach unexpectedly in the bathroom and worst still, there was no one to answer to my help. This nasty thing has more superpower than the one in my room previously. This one can fly!!!!!!!!!! The house has nothing but an empty can of Sheltox spray. I stood outside the bathroom planning a strategy to win this fight. I cannot let this nasty little black thing spoil my good sleep. I did came across the slipper stragery but I dare not kill the thing with a short distant blow. Suddenly, I remembered how my grandma killed a snake using hot boiling water. So I boiled some water and splashed at the cockroach but I think it did not kill it. But it felt into my bathroom mug (with my toothbrush and stuff in the mug....ewwwww). No choice, I had to drive all the way out in the middle of night (12.04am to be exact) to 7-Eleven to get a can of insect spray and some naftalene balls. When I get back to the bathroom, the nasty thing is still there waiting to challenge me. And with the spraying strategy, no insect can outsmart that.
I am an animal lover, but very sorry...I am an insect hater.

And I scattered the naftalene balls all around the house and especially my room. Housemate Daren, sorry, has to kill all your 'siew keung'. Next time, get hamsters. I am all for hamsters.


On a more happy note, catch up with Fong today at The Curve and I finally had a chance to eat the Shabu Shabu which I'd always wanted to try but due to some weird excuses, Kin Fai always avoided it.

Shabu Shabu = Japanese steamboat

And it's always beef....YUMMYYY!!!

Time to sleep, more blog tomorrow. I am going to get approve by PPP this time. They rejected me for not posting more than 10 entries in the last 30 days. -_- I AM an active blogger....I'm not? Well...hehe...
Nitey nite...<3


  1. Poor you...those cockroaches are really horrible..can't agree with you more.

    The mushroom plate looks to me like they are being arranged into the shape of a frog? Or they appears to me so :P . Looks so yummy wor..

  2. only I notice the 'frog' thing. I believe they just appear to look like a frog. Great catch..hehe.

  3. For a moment there, you lost me. I have no idea what shabu shabu is :D

    As for roaches, I havent seen one here in a long time. The ones here dont fly and they are really flat. We do get some insects here, but not lots. Spiders are more common than anything else.

    I rather stomp on it than to drive out at 12 am. Haha