Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Stuff

So, I have finally got the grip of living hell in KL and so at last I found back my craft mood, very much overwhelming indeed. Here's what I made when I'm home (more like room) alone in KL...

Heart with a patch brooch, veggie cuties, breakfast cuties (pancake and egg are brooches too). I haven't decide what to do with the veggie cuties and they took hours to make. >_<)

Pawprints!!! My own creation too. I enjoy making them soooo much and will make more.
The top three are pin brooches and below two are handphone charms/keycharms.

And one big family (and increasing day by day).

Notice the mini donuts too? Darn difficult to make because they were soooo small, like only 1.5" in diameter.

Yahoogroup NNC is going to set up a stall at The Curve flea market and I'm going to throw this to the market. I may not earn as much as from Etsy but the idea of selling in my own local bazaar is sooooo fun. Ok, now I need to cut and stitch faster. Now, I need at least 1 hour to cut and stitch the simple pawprints. If something like the peapods, it took hours!! >_<

Well, I guess living alone outside is not as difficult as it seems when everynight I have my crafting to and also not forgeting my Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break. Ok, now I know why I am stitching so slow.


  1. The brooches and the key chains are so cute...will attract young girls to purchase your crafts.

  2. Nice stuff you made. Remember to take some pics of yourself selling your items at the bazaar. How is KL? I briefly lived in SJ and it was hectic, very different. Are the people nice and friendly?

  3. I love softies or plushies. I have two pre-teen friends who would love everything you make. I generally tell them what I want and they make it for me. I'll also visit your Etsy shop. Thank you,