Monday, August 17, 2009

A little update

Ok, will update a little on what's up with me lately.
  1. Joined new company as QA Engineer (yea, still an engineer, how dry....)
  2. Creating a blogshop selling fabric to locals. I guess I should bring on the effort on this since there's a few request on my fabric after I blogged about them. Hold on yea, there are on their way, no easy putting up another website, after so many late nights on Kiirey, I'm kinda lazy lately.


  3. Went to Tanjung Sepat, for the food and scenery. Lovely place, I love the beach and jetties. More pictures on film (lomo) but I shot some with my good ol' digital camera too. So, here's two of my favourite, while waiting for the lomo to get processed (already sent to shop...can't wait >_<)

    The sunset

    The jetty

  4. Reading Tony Parson's Man and Boy. I bought The Time Traveller's Wife too. I hope I can finish that before the movie comes out.
That's all. :D


  1. very nice pics!! i love tg sepat too ... use to go there a lot for seafood and fish cakes :))

  2. love the jetty photo! ^__^