Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gadgets for Girls

After slacking off for two weeks, I'll pay off by blogging something interesting and pretty, in girl's eyes only of course, but I bet some guys will find those irresistibly pretty cool too.
I'm surfing some gadgets for girls and those are a few things that catches my eyes. And if I have the moolah, those are already in my possesion without hesitation.

1. Sony Vaio C Series (Blush Pink)
Sony once again came out with something so out of the box with this rainbow series but I only have eye on the Blush Pink lappie. It also comes in seashell white, spring green, espresso black and urban gray. Even the name is already so darn chic. There's even a build-in camera just above the 14.1 inch widescreen LCD.
Sigh....but it's a limited edition series and each baby worth around rm5000++. Sigh. When I went to KL last week, I still haven't see this model anywhere in the Sony shop in Midvalley. I don't think it'll even comes to Malaysia because it will definately be selling like hot cakes to those hot chicks. >__<>_<

2. Knomo Teeli Laptop Bag
If I happen to become the lucky owner of the blush pink Sony lappie, I will not put my baby in those dull dead black laptop bag. Black lappie bag is a dead giveaway to those lappie snatcher. Despite the sleek and sweet design, this Knomo bag also comes with an integrated tracking system. If you lost your lappie together with this bag, the help center of this bag manufacturer will track down your precious. Isn't that great? But the greatest will be when everyone stare with envy and awe when I pull out my blush pink lappie out of this Knomo. It will a perfect match-made in heaven. *__*

Oo...the price? I googled and the price was around RM700 and I don't think this brand is available in Malaysia.

3. Motorola Cherry Blossom RAZR V3
Yokie might not agree with this because the spec of this phone is not as competent as some other newer and cheaper phones. But RAZR is so hot not because of the functionality but of the style. The cherry blossom design by Ami James were available in Malaysia and if I remember the price correctly, it was around RM1200.
I always love the original pink RAZR and now they tattooed it with cherry blossom. How creatively sweet!!!!

4. Nabaztag Wi-Fi Smart Rabbit
Nowadays, toys are getting smarter and smarter and not only build for children but also sensitive adults (aka woman). This Nabaztag Smart Rabbit is too cute to be true. It's not just a mere standing toy, they don't call it smart toy for no reason. It connects to computer via Wi-Fi and can do a lot of cool things. It could be your clock, your alarm, waking you up with your favourite mp3 track, play your favourite songs, alert you when there's new gmail or your friends are online in GoogleChat, forecast weather and lullaby you to sleep. And at the end of the week, the honey bunny will summarize the weekend for you, whether it's a fun week or a lame week.
Who need Tamagotchi that only know how to eat and play and shit anymore?

5. Panasonic Lumix or Sony Cybershot?

Everyone lust for a digital camera. And I lust for a camera with a feminine touch. There's a whole bunch of pink dgcam out there, some with shocking pink (Canon Powershot SD40 and Nikon Coolpix S9) but Lumix DMC-FX01P 6mp and Sony DSC-T10 7.2mp(wow!) gave the best shade. The soft pink looks better with Cybershot and the design was sleeker. But looking at my friend's Cybershot, it doesnt seem to be too friendly despite the high resolution. And since this Lumix offers Image Stabilization which keep pictures clear and blur-free, and I also prefer camera with protruding lens, so I'll take the Lumix. Don't ask me the price, I'm too lazy to Google anymore, do it yourself.

6. Sony NW-S700F Walkman
How many item in my list that is from Sony? But this Sony MP3 player is another brilliant product. This is the first player that has the ability to reduce and even cancel the outside-noise. Which means you don't have to increase the volume if you're at a crowded place. The player has a superb bass technology which makes the sound clearer with no distortion. The smart gadget supports Advance Lossless, MP3, AAC, WMA and Linear PCM music files. I did not google for the price also, but I bet this is definately a four figure gadget. But when it comes to audio, nothing beats Sony. iPod you say? Nah, I don't fancy the pod.

7. Hello Kitty Rice Cooker
This is just tooooooo adorable. The Kitty's merchandise are soooo wide and covers almost everything a girl needs. There's nothing smart about this rice cooker and I'm not going to make much elaboration. I just think the rice cooker is sweet (yala, because of the color mah).

Does everything has to be pink? Yes, because it's the better shade. But all the gadgets are way over my budget. Sigh....(T_T) But today at PC fair, I got myself some pink gadget.

An optical mouse. Price : RM16. Pretty!! And I'm happy ^__^

Here's some of website that features really cool and pretty gadgets for girls. It's time to empty your spouse's wallet and happy surfing.
Gadget Candy
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  1. wow .. nice pinky entry .. some of the things i also like to have ler .. the sony digicam .. it's just much nicer than the one i have now. But the feature-wise .. not sure yet ..

  2. thinking of getting any pink gadgets above ;) ?

    I've never been to the PC fair in msia..were there any good bargains there?

  3. Haha...I wish. Those were so out of my budget.

  4. wah, so many pink stuff. What about pink Myvi??? I have enough of pink clothes that I have stop buying now...

  5. wei wei, the Pink T10 is my target digicam lar.. selling at SGD600+ here.. still comtemplating to buy or not.. or whether other brands are better den Sony T10

    i added u alrd ler.. mine is

    bt i only online during off hrs cos i dun have internet access at home. wait till i get my hands on the M1 wireless vodafone..

    mon-fri 8.30am-6pm / sat 8.30am-1pm

    u so long nvr update ur blog ar.. where's ur updates on Nici har? she went missing liao? or u kept it under your bed? hahaha.. Snap more pictures of her plzzz...