Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kanye West Touch The Sky Concert

Ok, I owe this to some ppl for quite sometime. Here's my entry to Kanye West concert on 08/April/2007, my first concert!!! (and I don't even know who's Kanye West before that.....hey, I'm not into rap at all).

The tickets. Concert tickets liddat meh? I though will be more colourful and got the artist face or something, at least look more collectible lar. But this is plain and boring.

Not cheap. RM153, free standing. If not because Kin Fai wanted so much to go and paid for me, I wont pay so much for a 4 hours entertainment, not even for Jay Chou...>_<
But 'tak kenal, maka tak cinta' (you'll never love if you never know), I never know how much it's worth it (except for the pain from the blisters on both my poor legs as aftermath of standing and dancing for 4 hours).

I'm in the middle arena, best spot for concert but standing.

Too Phat - our local rappers. Not bad.

Mr. West

After waiting for 1 hour and 30mins, and it starts with the popular.....

Diamonds are forever (forever, forever)
Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)
The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme.
Forever ever? Forever ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever?......

He performed a lot of rap songs, which none of it that I could sing along with. But some die hard young girl fans could really rap-along all his songs. And the coolest thing was he had his own ochestra band, with harp, violins, those cool instruments. The concert was jam-packed with ppl, majority non-chinese groups. Some really young (filthy rich kids). Some of the ppl where very rude to smoke in crowded and air-conditioned place. Ignorant,inconsiderate and rude. But overall, the concert was a superb experience, great music from Kanye (but poor sound surround system), smashingly hot and lots of dancing and jumping.

At the end of the concert. There's Lewis Hamilton in that crowd, somewhere. And ppl keep flocking there after the concert. I caught a glimspe of his flock of hair.


Those who don't know Kanye West, here's a closer look. Kelly's believe it or not, he met with an accident and fractured his jaw. He barely survived the crash and went through a series of face reconstruction.

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