Tuesday, May 01, 2007

10 Steps To Be The Girl Every Man Wants

While cleaning my room and throwing out some junks, I came across an interesting article in a 2004 Cleo. I did not plagiarize the whole article but wanted to share with all the ladies, I kinda agree with all the 10 steps Cleo suggested.

  1. Always be well groom
    You don't have to look like a celebrity or doll up with designers and excessive make ups to be attractive, but presentable and pleasant. All man is comfortable with a woman who feels good and looks good. But I'm not too good with make ups and cosmetic stuffs but being well groom is not all about the face. We still have to take care of the hair (make sure it only grows on the head and not anywhere else), the outfit(clothes,shoes, accessories), the smell (always smell nice and no BO) and the skin complexion (clean and radiant). Phew.....difficult being a girl.

  2. Learn how to cook
    A way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Not just instant noodles or cream soup or anything out from the can and packets. Majority of the metro men can't cook but they have a cooking mom so they will know what is home cook meal and what is not. CLEO even wrote that those girls that's already a good cook doesn't even need to read this article. Haha. I'm not too good with the chinese dishes but I can smitten him up with a few good cheese cakes. I prefer to experiment with the oven more than the chinese wok.

  3. Laugh a lot
    We girls are always looking for man with great sense of humour. The same applies for the opposite sex. He will fall for you instantly if you could laugh at his(or his friends) jokes. And bonus points if you could make him laugh in return. I totally agree with this because it's the main ingredient that hooked me up with Kin Fai.

  4. Read, read, read
    We want a smart partner, so do them. Don't just invest on beauty mags, but also some intelligent mags, ex Times, National Geographic, HWM, PC.Com or even some men mags. Or at least get hold of the daily newspaper once a while. If you're an active internet user, make use of Wikipedia and Google. Smart ppl are the most attractive and impressive.

  5. Be a smiley, not a grumpy
    Always be the optimist. Who wants a grumpy nanny as a girlfriend? But I'm a happy person but I also have my very bad temper, I can turn from a smiley into a grumpy is such a blink. So I'm not sure whether I'm a smiley or a grumpy. But hey, I'm a Geminian, so it's forgivable...hehe.

  6. Respect his space
    To be in a relationship, everyone has to sacrifice a lot of their personal space. It's equally important for both, girl and guy, and shall grant each other the allowable space. I'd seen a couple who's really taggy with each other. They both came from the same high school, studied the same course together in university, went to the same company for industrial training and when they graduated, they work in the same company. I wonder if they know anything about personal space or have any friends that belong to only one of them. Some girls tend to be a little control freak (but this happened in reverse in my previous relationship) and any guy would really appreciate a girl who understand the personal space thing.

  7. Know a bit about sport
    I'm not good in sport....at all. I can't say I know sport. But a bit....very little bit. At least I know where to check live score for Kin Fai. Internet is always a good source for anything. Refer to #4.

  8. Don't be needy
    Who likes to babysit? In our mid-20s, we should already know very well about independance. Play hard to get but not too hard. It's lovely to say 'I love you' when he's least expecting it, but if we said it everyday it will be a tad too annoying. If we're too clingy and desperate, this will repel all the men away, thinking that we can't provide #6.

  9. Have a hobby
    AKA have a life. No, sleeping and eating is NOT a hobby although it sounds cute. Everyone should have at least one thing that they like to do, something intellectual, something serious. If you don't have any hobby, most probably you won't even understand the personal space thing. Better skill, if you both has the same hobby/interest, that'll click lightning fast.

  10. Sharpen your bedroom skills
    Ahem....don't be too naive even if you're a virgin. You should know why men watch porn, what is a missionary, Karma Sutra (although might not be applicable). Refer to #4!!!!

So, how do you score? But I don't think we have to score 10/10 to get a guy. Nobody is that perfect. I'm guessing the math should be like 60% of the attract factor + 20% chemistry work + 20% fate.

Sleepy lar now....too much work recently. I'd to work till 9-10pm which is very very tiring because I have to stand, walk, run all day. Blog more tomorrow.


  1. Ouch, it's not easy to be a popular girl...

  2. Wei wei.. I kinda disagree wif #8 lar. I thk it shd focus more on 'Not clinging on to ur partner excessively everyday, be it physically / verbally. Physically as in die die MUST meet up everyday while verbally as in die die MUST chat on the phone fr almost every hr. (ref #6)

    I beg to differ on this sentence:

    "It's lovely to say 'I love you' when he's least expecting it, but if we said it everyday it will be a tad too annoying."

    My bf & myself exchg these 3 words every nite b4 bedtime.. Altho it sounds mushy ler hehehe.. bt dat's one of e many ways dat keeps our relationship strong for almost 5yrs d..

    So, erm.. u might wanna try it lor. It's kinda sweet u noe.. ^_^

  3. Snowjelly : In your case, both are doing and enjoying the mushy things which is very lovely of course. But in cases like only one party that's doing all the work, then it'll look...erm...not that enjoyable, rite?
    Yes, being needy also means having to cling on your partner 24/7. That's why I said ones like to babysit. But if both are the needy type, then it wont be a problem at all. Some relationship work the way we wont understand. Hehe.

  4. You look hot girl. Whats your number? :D