Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Sunday Post

Nothing new or interesting for the past few boring days....but I'm too bored not to blog about anything. And so this will be yet another random Sunday post.

Watched the much anticipated third installment of Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End yesterday. Everyone thought third movie will be the best of trilogy. Well, I don't feel much for any of the POTC movies, I'm still very much a LOTR fans. How I hope they will make prequel for LOTR....much like for Star Wars, which I believe they will because Hollywood scripts are draining and they don't have much fiction novel to adapt anymore (that's why they make Eragon...puke puke). Anyway, back to POTC, the whole plot was too confusing (yeah, somesaid confusing and twisted plot make a movie looks sofisticatedly good) but POTC has too many betrayal plot which I was so confused who was actually betraying who. I like suprise ending and twisted plot but not confusing makes a lot of difference. Syrianna was confusing. Skeleton Key was twisted and the Sixth Sense had suprise ending. And it has too many Three Stooges jokes. Well ok, I get it, pirates were suppose to be very Stoogie, rite? And I don't like the ending too. Some character should be killed to spice up the ending....but being a Disney movie, it always has good ending. more spoiler. I did not give away any spoiler, did I?
Anyway, the main bore were not from the movie itself, it was from the retard guy who sat next to us. He snorted out really retard horn-like laughs and was 'oooooooo', 'aaaaaaa' and 'yyyyyeeeerrrr' throughout the entire 3 hours. I never seen anyone as gay as this retard, who clasped his two hand over his mouth during exciting scenes and went 'yyyyeeeerrrrr' when he saw Davy Jones' tentacles. I can not believe he came with a date. The girl must be date-less for too long to end up with this annoying movie going retard. I might have enjoy the movie more if not because of this retard with horning laugh. Ei, really serious....he laughed like lorry horn.

Currently I'm sooooo into the Heroes series that everyone was so hyped about. And much to the high expection of this new series, it's as good as it was advertized. I don't watch a lot of Western series because they tend to be a lot of seasons. My all-time favourite series were Desperate Housewives and Sex in The City (which I did not follow all the seasons). Well, it seems like I never complete any series, not even my favourite. And some Western series were too tense like CSI and Prison Break, although undeniably very much more intelligent than those teeny Korean and Taiwan dramas. But since Heroes is still new with not too many episode (they just ended Season 1 at episode 23), I'll give it a shot and now I got hooked.
And to those who was hooked on this series as well, here's the poll that shows who's the strongest Heroes and the favourite Heroes. And Hiro Nakamura wins hands down. I like him a lot too. Without him, this series will be too serious and tense.

Yokie suggesting baking egg tarts from Kit Yen's recipe but she ends up shopping for her friend's wedding. She said she had a few weddings to attend next week and not enough clothes to parade along with her friends. And I told her that sometimes we have to succumb to our impulse buy also because we will never know when the cloths might come handy. So to speak, the wardrobe is one of our investment too. Hehe.
And since Yokie triggered my baking nerves, I can't help but bake the tarts myself. Tedious but fun. And Yokie will scold me because I forgot to give her a taste of my tarts. Soli lor.....forgot ar. When you came, I just rush out from my bath and forgot about it. Let you slap laaa.....>_<
As you can see from the pictures, some of the tarts turned out to be a bit odd. The filling kinda like sunk in the middle. I asked Chef Kit Yen but she had a few odd tarts too and has too idea why.

Last week, we had a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues at Kim Bali (aka The Assam House). The food there was delicious, much better than 1919(another Thai-fusion restaurant). And one of the dish that we had was rather peculiar but delicious. It was a starter with many nuts, garlics, spices and we had to wrap all those in a leaf and put on some of the sauce. It tasted really special....some might like it, some might not. I ate 3 leavesful.

Bye bye you handsome.....and that was the guy that NaiNai drooled so much when she first met him during their CNY visit to his house. Before you gals scold me for not introducing him, he's too shy ler and you all will maul at him and then scare him away and also big time ruining my reputation at work. Hahaha....

P/S : Haiya....I don't think he's handsome at all lar. You are still the most handsome. Hehe....


  1. ssssslllllaaaapppppp you ............. didnt let me taste when I did meet you today ... >_< ....
    haha ... since you borrow me sth today (although dunno if it's applicable or not) .. hehe .. never mind lar ..
    let's continue our plan to bake it with nai too .. hehe .. or maybe deb also .. :P
    your coliq is cute lar .... didnt intro to us (me) ... wakakakaka ....

  2. where can i get those delicious tarts ?

  3. Dude, you need to bake the base 1st before you add the custard + final bake. Hence thats the reason why yours didnt turn out too well

  4. The thai dish looks interesting..hehe, but I'm not sure how it taste like.
    Ya, that guy is quite good looking wor.He has bushy eyebrow, abit scary for me...Zoom the camera at his face ma..I can't see the him clearly. haha..
    Yippie, I will watch Pirates of carribean this weekend..Shrek 3 is coming up this Thursday..Yu hoo..It's hilarous movie..haha