Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nici says Hello!!

I know you guys miss Nici a lot and some has been asking me why don't I update about Nici. Ok, so here's some of her cutesy pictures.

Lazy Nici sleeping like a baby on my dad's lap.

Bite bite bite. She bites everything that she sees.

Every dog has that begging look, especially when we're eating and believe me, they are good at it.

Nici Nici Nici

Nici with her begging look again.

It's very difficult to get hold of Nici and take good pictures of her because she's always running, jumping and restless most of the time, except when she's tire and she'll doze off pretty fast.

Mom said Nici looks ugly because of her cocoa face but I think she's soooo adorable. But too naughty and hyper-active. We are still house training her. Sometimes she's very clever but there were times where she can't hold and pee and poo in the house which really piss off my parents. My dad kept a rotan and trying to teach her, like a kid. When I first brought Nici home I was very worry that my parents might not like her especially my mom because she don't like animals but how could anyone resist such a cute furball like Nici? They love her so much like a family.

Ok...need to get my bath and then watch High Fidelity.

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  1. CUte puppy... Maybe when she grow bigger, the brown colour may fade.. :)