Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting Myself Busy

I joined gym and has been working out a lot since Saturday. I never exercise and sweat so much....since...I don't know when. Yes, I never exercise and never do have any sports talents, I doubt that I ever kick inside my mom's womb. And I just hate sweating. But I just can't ignore how unfit I'd become. At 26, I tend to lost my breath walking a few flight of stairs. And despite some ppl still saying I'm slim, but there are certain parts of me getting out of shape, namely the abdomen. You ppl call it spare-tire. And I'm tire of being laugh at by my (idiot) colleagues. >_<

And so I joined Fitness Junction, RM123 for the first month and RM80 for every following months. The gym is kinda small and pack with equipments, much smaller than The Gym at Bercham but since they open till 9.00pm and also on Saturday and Sunday, just right for my schedule. They offer a whole lot of different classes, aerobics, yoga fusion, steps, rotates, cyclerobics, kickboxing, barbell, jazzercise and even tae-kwan-do. Some of the classes starts as early as 6.15am....*whoa* Lots of aunties rose really early and has time to stretch before going to the market, really healthy and must learn from them.

And so I joined two of the classes today, in one stretch which made me really really exhausted but felt so good and alive. The first class was Steps, where I step up and down using a raised platform and perform aerobic moves with it. And also stretching on the big exercise ball, which I had a hard time trying to balance but after awhile it was kinda fun too. The Steps exercise got me sweat alot. Phew... but was really fun. And after that the following class was Yoga Fusion, fuses between Pilates and Yoga. After 2 hours of exercise, which was too much for me, I felt kinda dizzy and toooooo hungry. And I forgot to mention my instructor for both classes, Fay, is a really pretty Caucasian.

I just hope I can keep up my enthusiasm in exercising for a better fitness and tone up my bod.

And lately I'd been doing some artwork too. I'm sorting out my old mags and found some really interesting and pretty advertisement and quotes. So I made some posties....So you don't know I'm into this handcraft stuff? Well, now you do. I even kept an artblog and joined a lot of art swap groups (used to). Hehe....

All torn out....pretty bits and nips.

Some of the posties I made. I made a total of 10. To view them all, go to my artblog.

And I joined Postcrossing to send and receive posties from all over the world. I used to joined Postcrossing and received some really nice cards from places as far as Estonia but I'd slack off for too long and my account was deactivated. If you're looking for a hobby, pick this one up, it's so cool to communicate and actually receive something from ppl around the globe.

Postcrossing postie.

I love my handmade posties too much to send them all out. So I only sent 3 out. >_<
Sending out to USA, United Kingdom, China, Finland and Germany.


  1. good for you ... i love sport. I wnated to go for kickboxing to have a more fit body figure. hehe .. but .. there is always a but ..
    so, keep it up my fren. I wanted to go for the gym in M, but only me .. so, didnt .. and go for yoga twice a week to balance up my exercise schedule. :)
    keep it up ... see how many months you can keep .. hehe .. at least i can keep to do yoga for more than 2 years. Although not mcuh improvement..hehe

  2. Good for you girl....
    I will root for you till the end, as me myself couldn't do it...
    I know its all excuses....but then i joined a gym b4, which is when i started working, then work ends later as I am more involved in different projects, and the offfice is further away.....gym close at 8, and I don't get home till after 7 now...
    ***sigh.....totally go down the drain for me....
    kambate girl...