Friday, May 18, 2007


Feeling a bit 'mou liew' (how to say that in English, anyone??) this entry will be short and with very random bits from then till now. But rant a bit first before I showcase my pictures. Work has been a chaos for the following months, resulting me working late...late as in 9-10pm. Some of you might not think that's late....but if you don't have a life or you're a born workaholic, then perhaps that's normal shit for you. But it's a nightmare to me.
Left work at 10pm, reach home at 10.20pm, bath-eat...da da da....11.30pm. And by that time I don't even have mood(or the strength) to online or do anything anymore, so to my bed I resided. And then dozed off lighting fast, like a switch....and then the next moment I was back to my sense, it was already in the morning, about to get to work again...and the cycle was repeating and repeating. Like I have no life outside work, like a robot, all programmed to repeat the cycle everyday.
Am I stress-out? Not mentally, but physically. I don't know what's physically wrong with me. When ppl stress out and over worked, they get thinner and thinner. But I'm in the reverse, I'm getting fatter and fatter. I'm not going to let this deteriorate, I'll get my bod back. >_< And the gym I will go. I swear I will. Not joking. I pay and I play and I work out and I get hot bod back and I wear bikini in Bali. GGGGGrrrrrr......... more the pics...need to sleep before 12.00am. Need hot bod back.

New place in town, called 'IceBay', right next to the Greentown's Oldtown Kopitiam. Sounded so much like Ice Ice Baby. Their ice blended drinks were not that good. I still perfer the good ol' Oldtown.

I think I posted this picture sometime ago, or perhaps in Yokie's blog. But I really like this group picture. It was my first time dining at Chilis. Good food, yeah.

Darn sleepy and boring looking at these guys play pools. At first I thought it will be cool but I was so wrong. The game was sooooooooo long and I got nothing better to do but look at the colour balls, like getting hypnotize....which did hypnotized me and make me extremely sleepy.

Okok...this was something I promised Matt before he leaves to Singapore. Happy now, dude? If not because of you, I won't be posting this pic because I look stupidly fat in it. -_- Hope you can go to Spore in peace. Hehe..

How could be no couple picture? Taken in Kim Gary's, last two week.

San Francisco's Steakhouse.
We had to eat something good everytime we travel.

We can push the button to call for the waiter, push to call for water and push for bills. So fun ler...

Waiting for our steak. See....I'm fat ady. T_T Next time no more good food during travel.

Best starter bun I'd ever eat. Sooooo good.

My steak. I ate a forkful before I took this pic.

Something cheesy in potato skin. I don't remember...but it's good too.

At Colin's wedding. The Michaelian's girlfriends.

This was taken candidly and I really like it.

I should post this long time ago...and some ppl are asking why I did not post them. Well, here's me....with my real identity. Hehe (it's an angel's wing lar....)

Darn....I didnt make it before midnite. Need to sleep now..............................


  1. Eh please are not fat at all! You look great in all the pictures. I couldn't recognize you wor in the last pic ;) nice

  2. plsss lar, posted only 1 studio pic out of the many many u took? *faint*

  3. SnowJelly, HAHAHA...I malu merrr...

    Ladybird : Fat ady aaakkkk....