Monday, May 14, 2007

When a man loves a woman....

Since men are more action-driven, it's really more important what he does than what he says.
by Lisa Sussman (Over 100 things Women Should Know About Men)

Here's some clues if he's really into you (I'm eager to know how much I score in this list>_<):
  1. He shares his food with you (Yes Yes Yes)
    Remember that Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. never shares food? That scene was really hilarious and way too over the board. But I guess this is very common with guys who shares food with his girlfriends.

  2. What's His is Yours (Yes, except his Arsenal jerseys)
    Everything that has to do with Arsenal is Holy Grail to him. But during one raining day, he put his Arsenal cap on my head to protect me from the rain. But I won't hope to go as far as wearing his jerseys. The cap was already a big indication which I couldn't ask for more. And not forgetting his DVD collections. Which he hesitatingly lent me and one of his DVD cover got a burnt hole due to my essential oil burner lamp. And there's another time that he found one of his favourite DVD ended up at NaiNai's house. Despite all these I still got the free access to all his DVDs. Hehe.

  3. He's concerned about you (Yeah, and sometimes a bit nagging too)
    Concerned with the way I drive, especially. And for him (to stop nagging too much), I drive much more slower and abiding to the law now.

  4. He jumps at photo opportunities (Never. This will only happen the other way round.)
    Despite always praising himself of his own good looks, he never fancy being taken his picture of, either solo or couple. Me being too much a cam-slave to let him get away from the lens. I'm still thinking of a way to trick him into a photo-booth.

  5. He learns to cook (What?)
    I will not dare to eat even if he ever learn. Yea, I know men make a great cook, but not any self-proclaim jock. But he'd made me instant noodles before, does that count?

  6. He cries on your shoulder (Erm.....)
    During movies doesn't count, right? I haven't got the opportunity(yet) to be by his side when his team(you know....) lost a match.

  7. He brushes your hair out of your eyes (Yeah...)
    This one need no explicit description. So...yeah.

  8. He writes a song for you (A big NO)
    Not even a 4 lines poem. The only line that he'd ever wrote was just some instant scribbles in the Valentine card. I just have to swallow the fact that he's not an art person at all.

  9. He calls you "Baby" (Well....yeah)
    Not Baby.....but something else.

  10. He calls you for no reason (Definately...Yes)
    It was said that men see the telephone differently from us girls. They see it as a communication tool for relaying facts and information to other people and will not never hog on the phones like we girls do all the time. And if he does that with you, start celebrating lar.
How did I score? 6 out of 10. Not too bad.

Adapted from Cleo (Sept 2005). to sleep now. I promised myself to sleep at 11.30pm.....but.....sigh

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  1. Hehe.. Interesting one. My gf also did it and she gave a 6/10. Haha..