Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm all broke now....

A boring weekend....Kin Fai had to work on Saturday and Sunday (and even today, Labour's Day). But this gave me very good opportunity to do some shopping of my own. Usually I can't buy anything good if I went shopping with him...shopping with a girl is very different with shopping with a guy. Hehe.

And I went Jusco with Nai Nai.....

And both became broke.........................

Biotherm product

I spent RM420 for all these. Those small small items were free gifts and the shocking pink bag I gave to my mom. Although Biotherm product are quite expensive but I could use it for a very long time, I remember the last time I bought my first set was in June last year and I still haven't finish some stuff like cleanser, toner and the sunscreen make up base(I like this the most!!). Well, I guess this is something every girl should invest. Find your favourite suitable brand and stick to it.

For my body

A jar of heaven.

I always prefer The Natural Source to The Bodyshop(just too commercialized). Everything is natural and not tested on animals. And so we both bought a jar of Desert Plum Moisturizing Body Whip, smelling extrememly pleasant and even better than any perfume. This product claim that they may calm inflammation, fight infection, balance moisture levels and smell wonderful, all at the same time. Just the product that I'm looking for for my legs to reduce the mosquitoe bite marks and scars. And did I mention that it has a wonderful smell. And the huge jar is cute. This jar of heaven cost RM98. Along with this I also bought the Antioxidant Body Scrub(RM63). My skin feels so smooth and supple after the scrub and applied with the moisturizer. Who needs beauty spa which cost hundreds? I can do it at home. ^__^ Nainai and me both love the whip soooo much and we both became the member of The Natural Source.

Apple Vinegar

The face, the body and of course inner body, health as well. Apple vinegar is one of nature's best slimming secret and get rid of fats. It also helps to cleanse our intestinal systems and excrete toxins. But not recommended for those suffering from gastric pain. Product from Eu Yan Sang is a bit expensive (RM88 for a bottle of apple vinegar and get a bottle of rice vinegar free) but if it's good for your health, then money weigh nothing. And I gave this as a Mother Day's pressie for my mom (although I will be drinking the apple vinegar more than her..hehe).

Lovely hair pins

And I got those hair pins and clips free with the Jusco voucher. They were selling at RM10 each. Pretty!!

Foooohhhhhh.....I'd spent almost RM600. >_< And I'd been telling myself to save the bucks for Bali trips next week. But I'm not spending unneccessary, those were essential stuffs. okokok....no more spending for the following weeks until Bali trips.

Deng....I still have to go KL this week to attend Kin Fai's friend's wedding. And there goes RM100 for the angpow.....T_T

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  1. Fui nyoh ... you guys really a shopping maniac!!! Luckily my work occupied me that day .. Else I will spend like you guys .. wakaka ... you know how well my resistance is when I see you guys buy like mad rite?! hahahaha .... but I also spent little more than I thought this holiday, also facial care stuffs .. haha ..