Monday, June 11, 2007

Before I sleep....

Ok, here's a lightning post before I that you guys know I'm still alive.

Have been extremely lazy nowadays.....erm, as always am. Not much going on lately but I'm digging a lot into backpacking and travelling stuff lately. Perhaps it's the Bali holiday mood. Yeap yeap, going to Bali this Friday. This is my first oversea travel this year. Will be going to Chiang Mai with my bunch of friends in the end of July. many trips....and I'm going broke.

I saw a very nice pink Nike backpack bag at Al-Ikhsan. I'm thinking of buying that as a birthday gift for myself. But Kin Fai said I'm spending too much. Hey, a girl need to pamper herself (all the time).

I can't write anymore.

Whatever lar.....sleep first. Chatted non-stop with Yokie, till 1am, aint that crazy?

This is my shortest entry ever. Hey, that's something.

1 comment:

  1. Hah? abit weird to buy birthday gift for yourself wor. Chamler, I haven't been giving you birthday presents many thousand years paiseh la..

    Enjoy your to trip to Bali...and also Chiang Mai..

    Me pula work work... :(