Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fourth Day in Bali

Day 4 : 18/June/2007

Packing and moving out from Lovina was our first thing to do on our fourth day in Bali. It felt like prisoner here, with no life and nothing good to eat.

Took the shuttle bus out to Kuta town. Stopped a while at Bedugul, chilly fruit market at highland. It was really cool here.

Ppl here are really good at balancing.

After 3.5 hours of torturing ride, we reached heart of Kuta. And with both hands with heavy luggage, we looked for cheap and sleepable hotels. We took a chance to enter a small alley because we saw lots of gwai-lous coming out from that small alley. And it turns out that the small alley leads to an entire new world. There were souvenir shops, pubs, cafe and hotels along the small alley. yayyyyy......

We checked into AP Inn, cheap and condition not bad. Lots of gwai-poh sun tanning by the pool.

And on the fourth day, I finally get to feel the sea water. The sea was soooo cold and waves were so strong and high that I was being washed away easily. Surfboards were everywhere in the sea and I had to be alert to stay away from being hit by the boards. It was really really fun just soaking in the sea without much swimming (you can't swim with heavy waves like that) or surfing (you need to join classes before you can surf).

I'm really glad that I'm in the middle of civilization again.

Bali chicken rice.

Pork rendang.

Ayam bertutu.

Bali ladies are really friendly with the gwai-lous.

It's actually a common sight to see a single foreign guy with a Balinese woman and a single foreign lady with a Balinese guy. Escorts they called themselves.

Surfing McDonalds.

Pizza at Fat Yogi (and as usual, really delicious). And we watch an hour of World Trade Center.

Almost every pubs and cafe are airing movies from privated DVDs. And DVDs* are really cheap overhere, only Rp10,000 and if you buy 5 get 1 free and if you buy 100 you get 30 free. And I bought Sex and The City Season 4. Wanted to buy more but Fai was worried I will get caught. Ceh.....

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