Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fifth Day in Bali

Day 5 : 19/June/2007

Last day in Bali. Flight at 8pm and we still had a whole day to do last minute shopping for souvenirs.
And a last look at the beach and the surf dudes.

Here's a pretty gwai-poh with smallest boobs I'd ever seen.
Don't say why I didnt took any pictures of the sexy gwai-poh. This one was a good take!

Hard Rock Cafe, Bali.

Fai bought a classic Hard Rock shirt for his brother. RM80 expensive. >_<

My pink dream catcher I bargained for 10 minutes.

Herbs and mushroom chicken.

Jumbo combo

Chomp chomp chomp

Chomp chomp

Frankly, the food in Hard Rock Bali were not as good as I thought and with the international price like that, it's really not good at all compare to the street cafe we went to for the pass few days. Chilis and TGI Friday are way better.

Bye Bye Kuta street.

Bali lamp post.

Fai was sad to leave Bali.

Going back....

And on the way back, I got the stupid motion sickness again. Feeling nauseous all the way back for the whole 3 hours. 3 hours aaakkkk!!!!

Sigh....I missed Bali life so much. So carefree and easy, no wire bond shit to worry about, no fake report to write....sigh. Good times really flies fast.

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  1. hahaha.. so happy to c u enjoyed ur Bali trip so much lar.. u stil gt another trip for tis yr rite?

    i notice u didnt go to the floating temple & the sleeping volcano.. if u intend to go back again sometime later, remember these two place k.. &, do stay at Hard Rock Bali htl, u'll be amazed by it!